Become King of the Mountain with Delazify YETI

David found himself stranded during his adventure atop of a mountain. The wind was whipping, the once friendly white powder of snow now seemed frigid and icy. He cursed himself,

“Why David? Why did you decide to take up skiing?! You don’t belong here!”

He was lost, he was cold, and he really didn’t feel like removing his jacket and gloves in order to check the time. He even began to yell poor analogies,

“I feel as if this adventure has been nothing but a potato sack full of inconveniences!”

If only David had done some research before his adventure for there is a solution that exists, introducing the newest trend, the YETI.

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Delazify YETI

Delazify is a company that cares about you snow people all around the world, from the inexperienced to the pros. They created a product that will help ensure your ski trip is nothing but enjoyable. The YETI is a GPS snowsports wriststop designed to track, map and analyze your skiing and snowboarding performance. It can do it all, measuring your speed, distance that you travel, number of runs, gate timing, altitude, current time and temperature.

The YETI is concerned about you as a skier (or snowboarder) and as a person. It wants to protect you and make you better at what you do. It can brave the elements; it’s freezeproof, waterproof and shock resistant. It can handle any harsh weather the mountain tries to throw your way. If you have nobody else to compare your skills with, how do you know where you stand amongst the competition? Perhaps one of the greatest features is the YETI’s online program. The program allows you to post everything about your day on the mountain, comparing your results with others.

Jump back to David, lost, stranded, and cold, only this time there is a YETI strapped to his wrist. Now he is far more prepared for an adventure such as this. He begins tearing up the mountainside, improving his runs each time, and then boasting of his skills online. His skiing has improved dramatically. Since that fateful day, he has become well known in the community, king of the mountain, and he owes it all to Delazify and their YETI.

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