5 Ways Rain Can Improve Your Adventure Instead of Canceling It

My latest big adventure in life has been New York City. It’s a pretty big apple to take a bite out of, if you catch my drift. Today, I look over the East River and see clouds hunkering down, swallowing the Williamsburg Bridge. They say it will rain soon. For some, that means pack it in, no adventure today. I almost went that way myself, but I remember what it was like when I was a kid. I remember how rain can bring the best kind of adventure.

Gathering from what I remember, here are some tips on how to have bring the adventure out of the rain:

1. Fun in the Mud
Take your shoes off. Dig your feet into the fat sticky mud. Find yourself a hill. Be mindful of rocks. Run down that hill and slide on your bare feet or fall on your but, ride the mud.

2. Meddle with Puddles
Jump in those suckers (careful to note how deep they are, wouldn’t want to roll an ankle or worse). Make a splash. It’s simple, but fun.

3. Dig an Aqueduct, or Moat, or just plain Dig
Water is always moving. It’s fun to direct it around. Start moving the earth or other things, creating channels for the water to navigate through. I can’t explain it, it’s just fun to watch water move.

4. Take a Swim
There is something magical and slightly surreal about swimming in the rain. Your head just breaching into the air, and yet the air is full of water, and yet you’re breathing. The rhythm of the rain tapping your head while your feet paddle to keep you buoyant. Everything feels whole in this place. Just be sure to pick calm water because waters like rivers tend to be a little overzealous when the rain is coming down hard.

5. Tent Action
I know that everyone around the world can’t like me and love to get wet. If the reason you avoid the rain is so your clothes don’t get damp or soaked (than strip and go outside naked; I’m kidding), that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it in other ways. The rain brings rhythm, and one of its most beautiful amplifiers is a tent. It’s thin material pulled tight acts like a drum, and the rain is just thousands of tiny hands having a party banging down on the thing.

That’s how I like to enjoy the rain. Tell us how you like to enjoy the rain on the Clapway Facebook page.