Kimmy Fasani Will Teach You How To Do a Double BackFlip

Kimmy Fasani has made a name for herself in the world of snowboarding through hard work, dedication and an unswerving tenacity. She is constantly in pursuit of a challenge, although nothing thus far has put up a good enough fight to intimidate her. Here, Kimmy offers some tips on how to chase your dreams and successfully catch them.

1. What are your tips for living a healthy and active lifestyle?
My best advice is to just get outside. Nature has so much to offer for our minds and body. Walking around the block can ease your mind and give you some sense of disconnection from all the demands of daily life. I have also become pretty conscious of where my food comes from. I read food labels to ensure that I know what’s in the food I’m eating. I try to keep a balanced diet of fruit and vegetables, and I drink a lot of water.

2. What advice would you give to women around the world who want to pursue a typically male-dominated sport?
Do what you love to do, be positive, and be confident. Have fun and chase whatever dreams you have without feeling limited or intimidated by what people are doing around you. Find girls and guys in the sport that are willing to help you learn and grow. We can all achieve whatever we set out to do. Make sure to surround yourself by people who believe in you and your goals.

3. Can you teach us how to do the double back flip?
I can help you learn the basics and we can build our way up to the double backie.

4. How should a guy go about impressing a professional snowboarder?
He should be himself and have fun on the hill.

Kimmy is truly an inspiration to women (and men!) everywhere. She’s even gracious enough to teach us how to do the double backie!

*Kimmy is currently sponsored by Burton, Zeal, Clif Bar, Skullcandy, Evo, Mimi’s Cookie Bar, and Mammoth Mountain

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