On A Tight Budget Sometimes You Need To Make Your Money Wrong

We all want to go have an adventure out in the world, see all of the places around the world we want to see, but sometimes we can’t afford a fancy hotel, sometimes we need to travel on tight budget to have our adventure. You can be an honest Joe and save up your money for your adventure, or you can make your money on the go.

Here are some tips on how to make some money during your travels the wrong way:

1. Public Performance
This will always go better if you’re talented, but even if you’re not, don’t second guess yourself, you can still make some money. You can play an instrument or recite poetry, but the best way to do this is to be a trained hustler. That’s all about the distraction and the grab. You either have someone look the other way while you pickpocket them, or you make a promise for something and ask for the money upfront; then you make it look like you’re going to give the mark what they asked for through a fake phone call or just having them wait somewhere if they’re really dumb enough. No matter what, you’re a Con Man, so play the game with confidence. Try impersonating a tour guide or a valet; you have to situate yourself as a local, and then prey upon your fellow tourists.

2. Gamble
Perhaps you have the luck of the cards, and you can pull your own weight around a game of Poker. However, outside of America, Poker isn’t exactly the most popular game. Almost every culture endorses some game with cards, but if you’r e not too good with the deck, there’s plenty of other ways to gamble. Often times they’re games that require a decent set of hand eye coordination such as billiards, darts, horseshoes, or something else. If you don’t have the capitol to gamble with in the beginning, then you’ll have to have an object of value or completely bluff; however, other gamblers usually don’t put money down unless you can prove you have something of value.

3. Go Legit
This article is all about making money the wrong way, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t outline a few ways to make money that aren’t super shady. You can WOOF (Work on Organic Farms). You can join Green Peace. You can enter the Army. Basically, if you’re going to go straight and narrow path on shoe-string traveling, you’ll have to join up with one organization or another.

4. Panhandle
There’s nothing wrong with asking strangers for a little help.

5. Drop Off The Deep End
I don’t recommend this for sometimes on this path, there’s no coming back, but here I’ll tell you to get as dirty as dirt gets. Mule. Fence. Sell your body to science. All of this may or may not be morally wrong, but if you follow this path, you will most likely be indebted to someone, which puts you in a place where you own less than when you started your adventure. This is the last resort, and it being some seedy underground happenings, I suggest that if you do want to go this way that you start off with gambling to meet the sort of colorful characters who will clue you in.

I hope that you never are in a situation where you need to take any of this advice (except for tip #3 and #4). But if you are, just know that there is a line that can be crossed where there is no coming back, but if you can see the line, regardless of what side you’re on of it, then you have the whereabouts to find a brighter path; you just need to instill the drive in yourself to take it.