How To Avoid Stress During Your Next Adventure

While traveling, the last thing you need is stress. Nothing can ruin a vacation faster than identity theft. “…[No] one wants to be on vacation when they realize their credit cards have been compromised or their luggage has been stolen,” says Lisa Anciaux, director of travel products at AAA Washington, “but there are some simple things you can do to reduce the chances of being victimized.”

According to Seattle Refined, it’s easy to make sure your next adventure is stress-free. Just plan ahead accordingly with these tips:

1. Call your credit card company in advance to let them know that you’re traveling and where you are going. Now-a-days, financial institutional are becoming more vigilant about any suspicious accounts on your card – so save yourself the hassle later on.

2. While on your travels, if you happen to get a call or email about suspicious activity on your card, don’t assume it’s your bank. Instead, call the customer service number on the back of your card.

3. Make sure your mail is taken care of while you’re away. You can either stop your mail from coming (done online) or ask a neighbor to collect your mail for you.

4. Beware of using your home address on your luggage tags.

5. Take any personal information that you don’t need out of your wallet or bag before your travel. This includes credit cards, numbers, addresses, etc. But don’t leave them lying around the hotel either; use the safe.

6. Always make copies of your documents – your passport, driver’s license, health insurance and even tickets. Make sure you also store them somewhere safe, so that you can access them if your bag or wallet is stolen. You can also leave copies with a family member at home so that they can fax you the information in the worst-case scenario.

7. Avoid generic ATM’s.

8. Don’t access any of your personal accounts on public computers.

9. Consider investing in travel insurance.