Red Cross Ambassador Is Traveling to Every Country

Oftentimes, the biggest deterrent to traveling is the flight price. So what’s a person to do? Torbjørn (which translates to Thor and Bear aka a super badass name) is traveling to every country in the world without stepping on an airplane or returning to his home country of Denmark and his girlfriend (sorry ladies). The project is called “Once Upon A Saga” and has already attracted the attention of investors and the Internet. He did an AMA or Ask Me Anything on Reddit on Sunday. We’ve summarized some of his coolest answers here.

Where is the start/stop?

Torbjørn will start in his home country of Denmark and, if all goes to plan, finish in Seychelles. He’s trying to average 7 days in each country, which amounts to 4 years away from his home country. He often visits the Red Cross headquarters in each country because he’s a representative of the Danish Red Cross.

What are his essential items?

Just a passport, pen, scarf and his trusty travel hat.

Who’s paying?

He is on a $20/day budget sponsored by Ross Engineering and Ross Offshore. That comes out to $7300 a year. He’ll be sleeping in a hammock, cheap dorm rooms or couchsurfing. Food will be street food or cheap food from hostels.


Antartica isn’t a country so he won’t be visiting.


“Opportunity, determination and a strong sense of adventure.”

Biggest struggles?

Cultural barriers like language or finding good healthy food. It was also pretty difficult trying to get across the North Atlantic in the winter

Favorite Country (thus far)?

The USA. And his favorite pie is apple.


A stranger is a friend you haven’t met before.

What’s most inspiring about Torbjørn’s story is how simple it seems. $20 a day? Easy. 4 Years? Not so easy but definitely doable. In fact, Torbjørn said he was approached by other sponsors after Ross Engineering and Ross Offshore and chose not to accept because he wanted to show that traveling the world isn’t just for millionaires. He mentions that the biggest challenge was starting the project because there were so many reasons not to. It’s a feeling we all endure, but Torbjørn has surpassed it and inspires us all to do the same.