Unlimited Amazon Cloud Storage For Your Memories

Today, Amazon announced two new amazon cloud storage plans for their Cloud Drive that could change not only their status in the cloud-based storage market, but also the way you choose to store the massive amounts of media you collect while traveling.

Amazon is offering users two different cloud storing options. The first option is the $11.99 per year Unlimited Photos plan that gives users unlimited space for photos with an additional 5GB for videos and other files. The second option is the Unlimited Everything Plan, which allows users to upload all of the photos, videos and files their heart’s desire for only $59.99 per year.

Once you’ve signed up to use the Amazon Cloud Drive, you can download the desktop app to your computer for easy uploading. The free Amazon Cloud Drive app allows you to upload files from your mobile phone and any Amazon device, including the Fire phone comes with the app already built-in.

Amazon Cloud Drive is setting the cloud-based storage market up for an interesting competition. With the company’s new plans, Amazon Cloud Drive is now the cheapest way for users to store infinite amounts of their data Microsoft 365’s $7 per month for 1TB deal, Dropbox and Google’s $10 per month for 1TB deal and Apple’s $20 per month for 1TB deal might not be able sway those in search of a cloud storage plan the way Amazon’s could.

To make the deal sound even better, Amazon decided to throw in a three-month free trial. Amazon Cloud Drive could be the answer to every photographer’s scattered photo storage dilemma, and all of those giant video files can now find a proper home in the cloud instead of hogging all the space in your smartphone.  A solid system for travelers who take hundreds if not thousands of photos and can easily use this drive to help extend their own workflow without having to go through the trouble of using multiple devices and concern over system backups that don’t have enough storage on them.  Check out the free trial and get a taste for the storage and the features that Amazon is offering their customers.

Great for family vacationing as well.  May the endless uploads of family vacation photos and videos begin.