Top 5 Reasons That Make Chile The Top Study Abroad Destination in Latin America

American students are increasingly looking for stimulating study abroad destinations. Chile, aside from placing students on the fast-track for language immersion, offers a variety of options that complement the student’s experience through, a platform that informs students about the country’s higher education offer. Chile provides students with endless possibilities in and out of the classroom. From innovating with local students, to catching waves in Pichilemu, your time in Chile will be nothing short of extraordinary. Here are five reasons why Chile is the top study abroad destination in Latin America:

1) A World-Class Academic Center

Chile has some of the best colleges in Latin America and the world. 15 Chilean universities are among the 100 best in Latin America, including two in the top ten (Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile ranks #1, while Universidad de Chile is number six). Santiago, the country’s capital, has also been ranked among the world’s best cities for students: 11 for employer activity and nine for affordability.

2) A Land of Possibilities

A remarkable range of climates and sceneries make Chile an adventurer’s playground. The country is home to a seemingly limitless coastline, deep-blue lakes, soaring glaciers, tall volcanoes, green valleys and lush forest. To the north, visitors will experience the arid Atacama Desert, and to the south, the Patagonia with its rugged landscapes and picturesque trails. Vineyard-dotted valleys and charming fishing villages also adorn this South American landscape. Mountain climbing, skiing, diving, white-water rafting, kayaking, archaeological trips, surfing and visits to ritual Easter Island sites are among the many activities that can be experienced in Chile.

3) A Leader in Latin America

Chile is a country that stands out for its security, quality of life, educational attainment, and having one of the most efficient and sophisticated financial markets in Latin America. In fact, the Economist Intelligence Unit ranked Chile among the 20 most attractive economies for doing business. Additionally, UNDP reported that Chile has the best quality of life in Latin America and the Caribbean.

4) A Parent-Friendly Ally

The United States and Chile enjoy a close diplomatic relationship and the two countries consult frequently on issues including trade, security, culture, and science. U.S.-Chile collaboration on the environment includes sustainable development, climate change, energy efficiency, conservation and wildlife management, marine protected areas, environmental law enforcement, glacier monitoring, and agricultural best practices. Additionally, Chile and the United States have maintained a productive free trade agreement for over a decade.

5) A Hub for Grub

The unique climate and soil advantages of Chile help the country grow quality foods. Chances are that the organic blueberries you bought at the super market are of Chilean descent and so is the salmon you and your date enjoyed at that downtown sea food restaurant. Chile is the largest exporter of fresh grapes, plums, prunes, dried apple, trout, blueberries and Pacific salmon. The country is also the world’s second largest supplier of avocados, walnuts and frozen raspberries, and the largest fresh cherry producer in the Southern Hemisphere. Additionally, Chile enjoys worldwide recognition as a producer of wines, extra virgin olive oil and mineral waters.


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