Tempo Apple Watch: The Ultimate ‘Bling Bling’ Gadget Comes From Finland

Legend, a Finnish luxury company has launched the sales of their prestigious, customized Tempo Apple Watch.

The Helsinki-based company focuses on the idea of bringing the most luxurious and exclusive consumer electronics to the worldwide market. With tech-gadgets flooding the market, this company has specialised in one thing only: luxury electronics matching consumers’ style.

“After all, who wouldn’t want to know about world’s most elegant smartwatch?,” CEO of Legend, told Clapway.

Tempo Apple Watch: where tech and tradition meet

A combination of passion and craftsmanship turned the Tempo Apple Watch into a work of art. The company hired a team of highly skilled artisans, experts in the areas of hand engraving, stone-setting, plating and finishing.

The intricate hand engravings of the watch require over 30 hours of work, representing this form of art at its finest.

Features of the Tempo Apple Watch

The hand engraved designs feature on 24Kt gold. The Tempo Apple Watch also comes with a premium grade leather strap, gold deployment buckle and a luxury presentation box.

Currently, Legend’s customers include high profile clients such as Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Rolls Royce.

Legend had already made news thanks to its lineup of luxury iPhone 6 & Galaxy S6 edge. What makes this brand stand out is not merely the near perfection quality of its products, but also the fact that everything is completely handmade in Finland.

Luxury made in Finland

Finland! The country is famous for its saunas, ice skates, metal bands, and by its citizens as the homeland of Santa Claus, but perhaps very few know that the country generates some of the world’s best artisans.

Have you ever wondered where James Bond’s favourite seat and Jackie Kennedy’s Markimekko pattern come from? Finland is a true design nation. Some of the world’s most imitated and admired designers and architects come from Finland, and believe it or not the country has been setting trends for decades. According to Finland’s official travel site, private luxury tours are increasingly popular across the country.

Reinventing an old tradition, Legend is offering a luxury customisation option to its customers for a price of 3490 Euros (around 3900 US dollars), taxes and shipping included. If you love luxury, you’ll love the Tempo Apple Watch.


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