Alphabet Buys the Alphabet

It’s not a joke.

Alphabet, Google’s parent company, just ensured ownership of a domain that includes the 26 letters of the International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabet. This is surely because it could not buy out the already registered, currently owned by BMW, or, owned by Walt Disney Company’s ABC Television Network, and it seems to not be satisfied with domain that was revealed by Google this past August when it made the Alphabet announcement.

So now it also owns, since they believe it fits the company’s identity.

The domain was created in 1999 per Whois, and it was privately owned, and Alphabet, surely not satisfied with just one domain, has decided to have all bases covered and confirmed purchase of the 26 letter domain. A spokesperson for Google reveals that the company realized the missed a few letters in, so they’re just ‘being thorough’.

‘Just Being Thorough’

The new URL was spotted by, who picked it out from its Whois records, and it’s not yet known how much Alphabet paid for the domain. Right now, visiting the page leads to an inactive page, which has led some to believe Alphabet purchased the domain to stop other giant companies like Apple or Facebook from doing so, which makes for quite the humorous and remarkable defensive move.

It’s common for companies to purchase web domains related to their company name, so that in the case consumers navigate into a misspelled URL, they may be redirected to the site belonging to the company. Apple, for instance, not only owns, but also and, which direct to it’s own site. Likewise, Alphabet owns, but also and, and if you visit these domains, you will be immediately redirected to

Defensive Buying is Also Part of Alphabet’s Business Tactics

Alphabet actually also owns the domain, which also leads back to

This all goes to indicate that is a very classic move of Alphabet, there’s certainly no doubt that they’re very detailed about all sides of their business, and as the mother of so many subsidiaries, it’s only fitting that it looks after its own.

Make Sure Your Smartphone Screen is Protected for Browsing The New Domain!