Bill Nye Tells Us How to Reverse Climate Change

Bill Nye - Clapway
Bill Nye asserts that climate change is real and man-made, and that if we do nothing now, we will lose our planet. His new book, “Unstoppable: Harnessing Science to Change the World“, he urges society clearly and fiercely to protect our Earth and reverse what damage can be reversed.

Nye, former host of beloved scientific children’s show Bill Nye the Science Guy, appeals to the doubts, the shadows and what we don’t know to urge us to make change happen. This is his second book, the first having dealt with evolutionary science, and here he takes the role of an educator, where he is a seasoned veteran. His book is not like a textbook; it’s more of a long-winded episode of his popular series mixed with a charismatic call to action to the younger generation.

Bill Nye - Clapway

Bill Nye discusses reducing carbon prints, reconsidering nuclear power and genetically modified crops, and ultimately to not scream about how technology has wronged us, but how it has made us better. If technology is used with the right ideas in mind, Bill Nye assures that we can fight back against climate change.

All fans of Bill Nye the Science Guy will see a lot of him in this book, since he carries the same great enthusiasm and the light, experimental approach. But still Nye urges: if we only fear climate change and don’t fight against it, we will lose the planet we call home.