Black People Are More Likely to Shop Online

Black People Shop online

Given the cases of extreme police brutality and general racial turmoil in the United States this year, some black people feel safer shopping online than in-store. With Black Friday fast approaching, some people have expressed concerns over their personal safety.

Black People Shop online

Police Brutality is At An All Time High

Tensions are high with the African-American community and the police, with countless people being shot in their neighborhoods for crimes they did not even attempt to commit, being jailed for unfounded accusations. This concerns an entire populace of the United States, so it is natural to feel safer within one’s own four walls.

Safety comes before anything, regardless of race, on a day like Black Friday. Some statistics show that people are more likely to die on Black Friday than from a shark bite, and that kind of figure is especially true for black people and people of color in general right now.

Racial Scandals Are Too Common

With recent news about Apple’s racism scandal, where three black teenagers were thrown out of an Apple Store in Australia because staff and security were ‘worried they might steal something’ is both outrageous and dated thinking. People wouldn’t expect this kind of instance in 2015, and it is not right but it is all too common.

Thus, it makes perfect sense that certain members of the black community feel less inclined to go in-stores. In the same breath, it is also worth noting that race isn’t a defining factor of any part of any person, and though there is tension and there is fear, no one should ever be afraid to do what they please with their God-given rights.