Diabetes is Linked to Tooth Loss

Duke University has released a study revealing that there is a link between people with diabetes and a high rate of tooth loss. The African American population is in even more danger, according to the research.

The Diabetes – Tooth Loss Connection Has Now Been Confirmed

The link between tooth loss and diabetes had only been speculated on before, but this study confirms it. Half of the US population suffers from some kind of gum or tooth problem, and the risk of tooth loss is even higher for people living with this metabolic disease. What’s more, African-American people with diabetes are at the most risk for tooth loss.

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The Details of the Study

Duke University took samples from 37,000 patients courtesy of the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey. These samples were taken between 1971 and 2012. After analysis, it was concluded that tooth loss saw a slight decline through the years, but that there is the concern with diabetics and African American diabetics specifically.

Between 1999 and 2000, diabetics were less likely to have 21 or more teeth than non-diabetics by 34%. There have been 1.5 million new cases of diabetes reported since 2010, which shows that diabetes has had a great decline in the past five years. People do not seem to be taking the condition seriously enough, as more and more health effects are becoming associated with it.

Only Half of Diabetics in the US Take Their Medicines

A different study looked at the frequency and loyalty with which they take their medication. The results showed that only half of US citizens with diabetes take their medicine when it is due. What’s more, different dentists have further stated that diabetic patients aren’t likely to visit an orthodontist regularly.

People should be extremely careful with this condition, which affects daily life in a very big way. Patients living with diabetes should look out for signs of tooth loss and get treatment accordingly.