E-Cigarettes Are Safer Than Marijuana and K2

E-Cigarettes Are Safer Than Marijuana and K2 Clapway

The Medicines and Healthcare Product Regulatory Agency has had an e-cigarette brand the first license to be available on the NHS on prescription. Are marijuana and K2 officially less safe?

E-Cigarettes Clapway

E-Voke Is Officially Available On Prescription

E-Voke is made by British-American Tobacco. It’s not on sale yet, but it will come as a potential solution to nicotine addiction and help smokers quit. A company spokeswoman has declared that the product uses only pharmaceutical-grade nicotine.

The British Department of Health gave the E-Voke an okay to come to the market. With this move, it’s possible other brands will come in to make e-cigarettes for quitting smoking, and not for recreation. Representatives still recommend cold turkey as the best way to quit, but the E-Voke is a tool that can be used by people who need the extra push.

E-Cigarettes Have helped Many People Quit

Many people have claimed that e-cigarettes helped them quit, and these rechargeable devices are 95% safer than regular tobacco. The E-Voke will be available in the UK for an estimated 20 British pounds per kit and 10 British pounds per week per cartridge for each patient.

Are E-Cigarettes Safer than Marijuana or K2?

The debate over the safety of e-cigarettes is a very long one. Scholars, supporters, and protesters have all had their say in whether or not the devices are safe. The answer we’ve come to is: we don’t know. Researchers from London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine have claimed that e-cigarettes are just as bad as regular ones. Similar studies from the University of Liverpool also disprove claims that it is 100% safe.

Marijuana Isn’t Safer, But It’s Not Less Safe. Steer Clear of K2

There is simply not enough information available to draw a clear conclusion. Some studies have shown connections between e-cigarette flavors and diseases like popcorn lung, and others have shown that e-cigarettes have no effect on nicotine addiction. There’s a lot more work to be done to study all available brands. All available flavors and their potential ill effects on the body must be taken into account. For now, e-cigarettes are not as heavily regulated as regular cigarettes, but they will be soon. It’s not safe to say if these devices are safer than marijuana. However, since it is synthetic and uses harmful chemicals, it probably is.

Marijuana isn’t 100% safe, either. It also has been shown to use synthetic chemicals for potency. K2, a strain of synthetic marijuana, is not labeled as safe for human consumption and can be poisonous. People should definitely stay away from K2.