2 Reasons Why Lenovo Is Doing More Than Selling Laptops

2 Reasons Why Lenovo Is Doing More Than Selling Laptops Clapway

When someone is asked if they know what Lenovo is, they usually respond by mentioning if they are a laptop manufacturer. This is the tagline that the company has garnered over the years, and rightfully so. However, Lenovo is planning on branching away from that with their new service. With this new service, which is called Lenovo Connect, people will be able to connect around the world. The best part, though, is that it is going to be a relatively low-priced roaming plan. People are going to have to be patient, though, because it is expected that the initial rollout will be slow. There are a few legitimate reasons why Lenovo would do this, and it should give them an advantage.

 2 Reasons Why Lenovo Is Doing More Than Selling Laptops Clapway


One of the main things any company needs to do is keep their products fresh, and also innovative. Releasing this new virtual network will achieve that, and they will differentiate themselves from the competition. They most likely realized that to do this they were going to need to release more than just a new computer. Also, this will make some people compare their Lenovo phones with other manufactured phones.


I know, this is a very broad reason, but let me further explain. Due to the fact that Lenovo has a long and illustrious history of working with corporate clients, allowing business clients around the world to use it makes sense. Also, if nothing else then this is a great way for the company to reduce the roaming bill. This new Lenovo Connect will bring further “stickiness” to all of their products. Again, you are going to need to remain patient because it may be a while before you have access to it. However, the wait should be worth it and you will be happy you did.