Google Maps To Be Replaced by Waze?

Google Maps To Be Replaced by Waze? Clapway

The unanimous popularity of Goole Maps has only risen with the apps updates time after time. Android users refused to use anything else, until now. Waze 4.0 has been released for Android and it’s aiming right for the throne. Considering both apps are owned by the same company, perhaps that throne will have to be shared.


New, swanky graphics and a bit more personality are what sets Waze apart from the basic Google Maps. Whether that is enough to take the cake is still yet to be proven, but the night is young on this matter. Waze 4.0 was just released today and has some interesting updates. Users will get a fresh interface geared towards using less physical interaction. It’s simple and laid out for ease of use. Even sending notifications will be easier. With just a tap of the pull-up menu, users can quickly send an ETA to friends or find alternate routes.


Google is all about simplicity. That has been the method of their success, but will the cool, complexity of Waze beat them out? One of the neater features of 4.0 is the reporter menu. Users can look up accidents, traffic, police, hazards, closures and places. In addition to that, a camera is included and users can send logs and check gas prices. If that wasn’t enough, there is a chat option to discuss the matters of your trip, turning this app into a social map.


This just proves that Google is the king of competition. What better way to make money than to create your own app that’s better than the one you already own? Putting Waze head to head with Google maps is like two teammates racing toward a pot of gold. Whoever get there first is sure to share it with the other. Google Maps and it’s flashier partner app are just different enough to conquer the entirety of the “map app” market. It’s a brilliant plan really. They’ve covered all the bases and have effectively monopolised. It’s really just a matter of preference which one you choose.