Tesla, Ford and Honda Drivers to Use Speed Trap Indicator

Tesla, Ford and Honda Drivers to Use Speed Trap Indicator Clapway

Leave it to the police to always ruin a good time. With Tesla, Ford and Honda releasing some innovative new cards, drivers are afraid to use them. A good deal of police interaction happens on the road and let’s just say that cops are hardly starting to lay off. It seems that between school zones, red light cameras and speed traps, cops are just waiting to pull you over. Well, it’s only fair that we have a fighting chance right? TrapTap gives us that chance.


Like the mighty Ford, Americans are built tough. At least, we used to be. We have grown weak in our modern days. Police are bullies and we have just taken it. Well, it’s time to start acting as tough as that Ford F350 you just got and fight back. The TrapTap is a device that will help us do that. It’s a simple and stylish wireless button that will give you a heads up for any speed traps, cameras or school zones by flashing different colors. It knows the location of every red light camera and school zone thanks to a community of users. Unlike the speeding you’re doing in your Ford Mustang, TrapTap is completely legal. Henry Ford wanted us to have fun in our cars, don’t let the police ruin a good time.


While purchasing a Tesla isn’t necessarily cheap, driving one will certainly save you money on fuel. Like Tesla, TrapTap will do just that. The average person spends an average of $300 in tickets or more per years. The average speeding ticket is $120-$263. Add a $2,0000 increase in insurance premiums and you are looking at a hefty sum of cash. In fact, average life savings of $12,000 can be spent on tickets. That could have gone towards your own Tesla. Accidents on the road happen, but they can add up. Don’t consider it cheating, consider it being prepared. Sure those that can afford a Tesla may have it better than those that can’t, but don’t knock them for being smart. Take the upper hand when you get the chance.


Honda reliability is world renowned. With the help of the TrapTap army, your information will be as tried and true as that 1994 Honda Civic you still own. The TrapTap Army is a community of drivers that helps warn others on the road. Speed traps and hazards are just among a few things to look out for. A Honda hybrid means you care about the environment and a TrapTap means you care about your community. If you see something, report it and do your part. As a result, others in the army will have your back. Don’t become just another number in some cops ticket book. Become a reliable, workhorse that benefits everyone around you. Become a Honda in human form.