Microsoft and Amazon to out-compete Google, Uber and TomTom

Microsoft and Amazon to out-compete Google, Uber and TomTom Clapway

It seems as if Microsoft and Amazon are sick and tired of watching Google, Uber, and TomTom deal with mapping technology. A couple of sources familiar with the talks have noted that both Amazon and Microsoft would like to provide cloud computing capabilities to Here. Here is a company that deals with mapping data and it is co-owned by BMW, Audi, and Daimler. Looking at the competition for a moment, Uber and TomTom are always working on improving their maps. However, as far as Google goes, per the marketing manager at TomTom, they aren’t a competitor at all.


One important thing to note with this recent news is that Amazon is looking to do even more with Here. To ensure that they would become the primary provider of cloud computing for Here, Amazon would like to become a shareholder in the company, a source indicated. As far as Microsoft goes, they are just interested in having closer ties to the mapping data company, another source said. With these two powerhouses getting in on all the fun, the future of mapping and autonomous vehicles is going to be terrific.


Last year, Uber made significant efforts to improving their mapping, ETAs, and driving routes. What’s interesting about this, though, is the system that Uber used to do this was actually originally designed by Microsoft. As far as TomTom goes, they first announced they were developing HAD Maps for the Autobahn network last year. To help self-driving vehicles know where they need to go, TomTom wanted to implement their technology. Lastly, we turn to Google, who as the TomTom marketing manager says, are not an issue. Matthieu Campion, the marketing manager, said because Google has a different conception of mapping they are not a competitor. Still, though, they have a good nudge in the world of self-driving vehicles. However, if Microsoft and Amazon become major players at Here then things could get interesting.