Two Men High on LSD Spoke Without Opening Their Mouthes

Two Men High on LSD Spoke Without Opening Their Mouthes Clapway

Mention the drug LSD to most people and they will write it off without a second thought. Despite it’s proven medicinal benefits in the past years, the drug still has a place on one of the harsher drug schedules and generally has a bad reputation throughout society. It’s known to help with psychological disorders like depression and PTSD however, what other secrets does it hold? Two youths happened to find that out. Meanwhile, on the other side of the age spectrum, the elderly are beginning to open up to marijuana.


What started out a good time for Scott Bertram and his friend one day quickly escalated into a telepathic trip that neither can seem to get out of. Scott and his friend decided to have a good time one afternoon, smoke some cannabis and drop a couple tabs of acid. Usually, a good trip should take no more than 1-3 doses depending on tolerance but the two youths took 35 hits of LSD. No to mention each dose was triple dipped. Even the most experienced users will have a hard time coping with reality after that amount. As one can expect, these two did.


Bertram recalls a particular moment when his friend’s mom came in on them during the experience. At that time, he said it seem like thousands of doors opened up in his mind. He walked through the hallways of his past and the passages of his future to see all aspects of life come and go. When he came out on the other side, Scott was changed for good. The two youths claim they can communicate telepathically now. While it may sound a little insane, it shows just how powerful LSD can be and that it’s worth an extensive research to figure out all its potential effects, both good and bad. It even seems that seniors are beginning to open their minds to the doors of perception.


While it will probably be a long time before seniors start using LSD, it seems many are taking to cannabis these days. As more studies come out praising the medicinal effects of cannabis compared to prescription drugs, that information has gotten the attention of America’s elderly. While Americans over the age of 65 only make up 14 percent of the population, they use up more than 30 percent of all prescription drugs. Many of these are highly addictive painkillers. No, that cannabis is becoming a viable alternative, seniors are flocking to the drug in record numbers. That being said, there are still lingering stigmas and stereotypes that are hard to overcome. Like LSD, many can not wrap their minds around the benefits of cannabis due to mal-information. Once America realizes it’s not just about getting high, but getting healthy, perhaps their negative ideas will change.