Secret Alien Base found in Antarctica; the Government Involved?

Secret Alien Base found in Antarctica; will the Government Respond Clapway

According to a Navy engineer, a top secret alien base exists in Antarctica. As NASA continues to find new planets, the possibility of life beyond our own is a growing possibility. However, the government has yet to make any statements on the matter.


Recently, a UFO hunter claimed there is a 140-foot object off the coast of Antarctica. He stated the image can be viewed on Google Earth, but he’s hardly the first one to discover this mystery. Some have chimed in to say that these objects on Google Earth are an alien UFO taking off from a secret underwater base. One Navy man confirms this theory. Back when he was servicing, the sailor said he would often see a glowing trail in the water left by a kind of ship. Skeptics attribute this to a large squid or whale. Years ago such a report would be quickly disregarded, however, alien discoveries are becoming close to reality these days.


No aliens have been found yet, but NASA has discovered 1,284 new planets outside our solar system. Among these planets, an estimated 550 have the potential to be like Earth. It would be ridiculous to assume that alien life doesn’t exist on one of those planets, even if it’s the most basic form of life. Additionally, nine of the planets orbit a sun in a habitable zone. Temperatures on their surface would allow liquid water to form. NASA conclusively states that the total number of habitable planets in this new discovery is 21. It’s starting to look like the government is the crazy one now for denying the possibility of UFOs.


How many alien sightings and UFO reports are going to be shut down by the government before the come clean? The reputation of some intelligent individuals has been ruined due to the government’s denial of extra-terrestrial existence. Just because little green men with big heads aren’t popping up everywhere, that doesn’t mean aliens do not exist. Life could very well be within our galactic grasp. Perhaps the government knows that or has for years. Whether that’s true or not, is beside the point. Life is out there, and we will all have to come to terms with it eventually.