Scientists: Mother’s Voice is Like LSD or Magic Mushrooms

Scientists: Mother’s Voice Like LSD or Magic Mushrooms Clapway

The phrase, “listen to your mother,” may have psychedelic implications for kids. Is your mother’s voice like tripping on LSD or magic mushrooms? A new study has found some odd responses to the motherly tone. Making the brain way more amazing than the iPhone 7 or self-driving car. Plus an unintended LSD or mushroom tea trip is always fun. So how does this brain physiology work? Surely your mother’s voice doesn’t actually cause a psychedelic trip. According to the study, it does cause some mental images to appear. And there is a boost in circuitry, for lack of a better medical term.

The Electric Kool-Aid Mother Trip

A recent study out of Stanford University has found that children can recognize the voice of their mother in less than a second. What happens physiologically after that may have some of the same neurological processes as LSD or a magic mushroom. Just not as many bright colors and symphonic notes floating across the sky. The study examined 24 healthy kids between the ages of 7 and 12. It aimed to find out how the child’s brain organizes itself once stimulated by the voice of the mother. To no one’s surprise, the children involved in the study recognized their mother’s voice 97 percent of the time.

Examining Psychedelic Circuitry

Using an fMRI to peek into the children’s stimulated brains, researchers discovered that there was a lot more than sound stimulus happening. There was a lot of activity in the rewards center. It could be also compared to LSD and mushroom stimulation. The children could have also begun visualizing the faces of their mothers. The visual stimulation happened while the kids were focused on a black screen. Some of you out there may have had similar trips while using psychedelics. Overall, the study found that those who had stronger reactions to their mother’s voice were better off socially. This may not be similar to being in an LSD or mushroom trance all the time.

Is a Child’s Brain on LSD or a Magic Mushroom?

The connectivity that is induced when a child hears his or her mother’s voice may not be so similar. But there does seem to be a few highlights from the study that could be seen as such. For example, visualizing images from sound. This is an LSD and mushroom staple. Loud scary noises equate to spiders and lizard orgies in a Las Vegas lounge. The soft tone of a mother will present teddy bears and candy cane slides. Science may be on to something.