iOS App Catches Thieves Stealing Apple Macbook

iOS App Catches Thieves Stealing Apple Macbook Clapway

Having your MacBook stolen is a living nightmare. Not only because of how much a new MacBook costs. But because of the personal information and private files, photos and videos you have saved on it. Now you can track your mac with Track My Mac, a new iOS app by Kromtech Alliance Corp., allowing you to take control. The traditional Apple MacBook tracker apps simply allow users to locate it. Some even take a photo of the thief in action. But now Track My Mac puts the control back into the hands of the MacBook victims.

Most Useful Apple App Ever

The Track My Mac iOS app does much more than just locates your MacBook. This revolutionary Apple app takes an iSight photo of the thief. It also allows the MacBook victims to use the iOS app to lock the screen using an iPhone. Or unlock it. It can locate your MacBook using the iPhone as well. The best feature of Track My Mac is that it’s free to all MacKeeper users. You can download it from the Apple App Store today.

Equipped with iOS Integration

The functionality of MacKeeper allows Apple fans to connect using their MacBooks and iPhones. This integration comes from OS X and iOS integration. Track My Mac is compatible with MacKeeper’s anti-theft feature, making it more than just a useful app, but a necessary one. You will need to sync your device programs. However, once connected, you can have complete control of your Mac from anywhere via your iPhone. The iOS app for Track My Mac is easy to use and simply makes sense.

It’s Like MacBook Insurance

You invested in your Mac, so having an insurance policy is a great idea. Track My Mac is like having Insurance on your MacBook. If you are a MacKeeper user, downloading the free iOS app is a no brainer. Imagine if your Mac was stolen. Now imagine if you can catch the thief who took it. Not to mention that you can post his or her picture on the Internet for all to see. The CEO of MacKeeper, Alexander Kernishniuk, stands behind Track My Mac, noting that the Apple app can secure your most valuable information.