Understanding Security and Ways to Unlock PDF File

Unlock your password protected PDF files - Unlock PDF Security

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PDF is a widely used file format because of its excellent features. Security is one feature that makes it one of the most dependable document formats. The user can impose security parameters on PDF files to make their confidential information secure from any misuse.

When the user has critical information in PDF files, they can impose security parameters on PDF file so that only owner of the document can open and make use of its contents.

The user can add a password on PDF file for authorized access and only the person having the correct password can open it, read it and alter the data present in PDF file.

Security Parameters on PDF Files

The user can impose two types of security on PDF files. First, User Level and another one are Owner Level. In both types of security levels, users need to be authorized to read and alter the content of the document.

User Level: When PDF file contains critical information and user do not want to share it with others then they tend to apply user-level security. The user must have to enter a password to open PDF file.

Owner Level: When the owner of the document do not want their readers to copy, edit, print the content of document then the user can impose owner level password.

If user-level security is added to PDF file then the user must enter the password to open and read the content of PDF file.

Need for Unlocking the PDF

In case, the user wants to read,copy or print the contents of PDF file and they are unable to perform the desired action on it then one must have to remove the user and owner level permission imposed on file by the owner. One can open and read the contents of PDF by removing the user level security. For reading, writing, editing the content present in PDF reader must have to remove owner level security. Owing to the lack of manual methods available for doing the same, there is a need to bring third party tools in the scene.

How to Unlock PDF File?

With the help of user-level security (if applicable) password and third party tool user can break the security parameters. There is a range of third party tools that can remove the owner level permissions. PDF Unlocker is one of the tools that users can opt, as it comes with many advanced features.