Sharks High on Marijuana are Less Aggressive 

Sharks High on Marijuana are Less Aggressive  Clapway

Shark lives matter. That’s what researchers at Macquarie University in Australia are saying. More accurately, their studies say that each shark shows a difference in personality, especially stress. Perhaps if marijuana was legal in 1975, ‘Jaws’ never would have happened.


Not to diminish the study of these researchers, but one of the findings concluded that sharks show an increase in stress when held out of the water. It seems that when any living creature is placed into an uncomfortable environment, stress would occur but apparently, a study is needed to test that theory. Regardless, they also found a strong link between boldness and stress response. Yet another fascinating discovery right there. It seems like 2016 is a little late to be making these kinds of claims, but apparently, this basic understanding has bigger implications.


By seeing how sharks freak out in stressful environments (as they should), researchers believe that these behaviors will have a large ecological impact and therefore it’s important to manage these species. If only there was an effective way to control stress. Not to jump to conclusions here, but marijuana is known to do the trick. Just throwing that out there. Now, someone just has to invent a bong that can be smoked underwater and by sharks. All jokes aside, these results show that a shark is not just a mindless machine. It’s acting out of emotion and has unique preferences and behaviors. Judging by their human-like qualities, it seems they would certainly enjoy a good marijuana cigarette.


Humans have been overfishing the sea for quite some time now and it’s destroying our environment. Perhaps it’s time society gets a bit more creative. Now, this might sound a bit wild so take a seat. Let’s get the sharks of the world high on marijuana. If sharks are stoned, they won’t be so aggressive and less likely to hunt. Although, the marijuana will give them the munchies, which could be an issue. Maybe Tesla can generate some kind of sustainable shark food made out of recyclable waste. That way, a shark can thrive without killing off the fish population. This would give the fishing industry a boost which would then trickle down to help the whole economy. I may be a little high myself, but there might be something there.