Uber Promotes Crooks, Singles and Doctors

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For many, Uber has become an affordable and convenient alternative to taxi cabs in the city. Despite its massive popularity, the ride-sharing service is not without its quirks. Unfortunately for many drivers, it’s not just a matter of going from point A to point B.


A brave Boston Uber driver got international praise recently for kicking a group of drug dealers of his car. After picking up four passengers, the driver was told that some forgotten keys need to be returned to their proper owner. The driver was hesitant from the start but complied with the men. Later, it turned out the keys weren’t actually keys but, in fact, drugs. The driver quickly called the crooks out on the exchange and ordered them out of the car. One reluctant crook did not go down easy, though. Thankfully, the driver had a camera to record the whole situation.


Besides getting you to a destination, Uber is a fantastic way for singles to brush up on their social skills. At least that’s what one College Humor video is suggesting. In the video, two girls are discussing what sounds like an upcoming first date. The girls go over all the points that one would normally associate with a date: what to talk about, exit strategies and more. It turns out they are really just talking about her driver but it brings up an interesting point. Meeting someone in this situation is not much different than going on a blind date. If you’re feeling nervous about the whole thing, perhaps it would help to spend a few dollars, get some practice talking to strangers and get to a destination all at the same time.


Doctors are usually seen as upper-class members of society who probably have their own cars or private drivers. Well, Jimmy Kimmell has proved that notion wrong. In one of Kimmel’s remote segments, he posed as a driver for the ride-sharing service, surprising unsuspecting passengers. On of these passengers happened to be an aspiring dentist going back to his home country in Africa. Kimmell was kind enough to take the man shopping for souvenirs (perhaps against his will) and send him off with a strong dose of America. Maybe he’ll learn to get a car like all the other doctors do from here on out.