Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Trainers

Top 10 Most Expensive Nike Trainers Clapway

The obsession with trainers has gripped millions of people all over the world. Whether you’re into the latest pair of Nikes, Adidas or Vans or you like a pair that is a bit more luxury, the world of trainers is vast and wide.

While we all may scoff at paying upwards of £100 for a fresh pair of trainers, there are some trainers out there that are upwards of £1000, and some, into their millions. If you think you like expensive trainers, then you need to think again, as these are the top 12 most expensive trainers in the world, so I’d starting saving your pennies if I were you.


1. Air Yeezy 2 Red October – $17,000,000 (£12,800,000)et1

Probably one of the most coveted pairs of trainers to have ever existed, the Air Yeezy 2 Red October comes from the minds of Kanye West and Nike. The whole collaboration was shrouded in mystery, with fans wondering for months whether the famous collaboration would even happen. These trainers are so popular that during an eBay auction of these red beauties, they were reportedly sold for a whopping $17 million.

2. Michael Jordan Worn Air Jordan 12 Flu Game – $104,000 (£78,400)

et3These are a pair of trainers with a little bit of a story, not only for their price, but how they ended up at auction. Michael Jordan, one of the most valuable, talented and coveted basketball players of all time, wore this pair of shoes in a historic game against the Utah Jazz. Apparently, Jordan played this game whilst suffering from food poison, and at the end of it all, went up to a ball boy for the Utah Jazz, who had been supplying Jordan with applesauce throughout the game and gave him his shoes and signed them.

The ball boy was savvy, and kept the shoes for a few years, letting the value of them increase year on year until he eventually sold them to a luxury auction house where they were sold for the grand total of $104,000 (£78,400).


3. Air Jordan 10 &12 OVO – $20,000 – $100,000 (£15,000 – £75,000)


et4Nike Jordans are some of the most sought after trainers in the world, with thousands of devoted fans queueing up for hours, or days at a time, to bag themselves the freshest pair going. With so many variants of the Air Jordans, it’s difficult to keep track of each individual type, but this is a pair that soon got the attention of press and sneakerheads alike globally.

These two pairs of shoes were given away at a concert for Sir Champagne Papi, who gave a man on one side of the crowd the pair of 10’s and a woman on the other side the 12’s. Now, being savvy auctioneers, these two people sold the trainers on eBay. The 10’s went for $20,000, and the 12’s sold for an eye-watering $100,000.


4. Diamond Encrusted Air Force 1 Social – $50,000 (£37,000)


et5Nothing says luxury more than a pair of diamond encrusted trainers, and these Nike Air Force 1’s are the ultimate in luxury when it comes to trainers. Rapper Big Boi combined his love for jewellery and trainers into one creating these 11 carat, diamond encrusted Air Force 1’s. With the grand total of $50,000, if sure he never wore them, but looking at them is just fine right?


5. Nike Air Mag – $37,500 (£28,300)


et6For fans of the Back to the Future films, these trainers will be right up there with one of your favourite things. These Nike Air Mag trainers are the futuristic shoes that we all dreamed of when we were young, with self tying laces and a light up sole, they’re sure to release the inner child within and look stylish at the same time. With only 1510 pairs up for grabs, these shoes certainly sold for a lot of money, with a reported $6 million going to the Michael J. Fox charity in aid of Parkinsons disease.


6. Air Jordan 2 1986 OG – $31,000 (£23,400)



Jordans are some of the most coveted trainers in the world, and when a pair from 1986 showed up on eBay, fans went into a frenzy. The original price was $31,000, but no-one knows whether the trainers actually sold for this much, but they did, the seller definitely made the right choice in keeping these for so long. Even at the jaw-dropping price of $31,000, these trainers would be completely unwearable, unless you want them to crumble under you, as the sole wouldn’t have lasted the length of time the Italian leather upper would have.


7. UNDFTD X Air Jordan 4 – $15,000 (£11,300)


et8This is a pair of trainers that some of you will never have heard of, but this collaboration between Undefeated and Nike was particularly famous as it was one of Nike’s first collaborations. With only 79 pairs up for grabs, it sent the sneaker world into a mad panic. In 2005 you could bag a pair of these trainers for a reasonable price, but in 2015, a pair of these shoes went for $15,000.


8. Air Jordan 11 Blackout – $11,267 (£8,500)


et9It seems that Nike dominates the world’s most expensive trainers, with a few exceptions here and there, but the demand, and sometimes exclusivity of these shoes really puts the money behind them. The Air Jordan 11 Blackout went down on records as the most expensive out-of-the-box shoes ever. When pictures emerged in 2012 of the famous trainer, sneakerheads globally went wild, with one person reportedly shelling out $11,000 for a pair of these Jordans, which is some dedication.


9. Gold Dipped Nike Dunks – $6000 (£4500)


et10When artist Kenneth Courtney decided that he’d dip five pairs of Nike Dunks in 24 carat gold sneakerheads around the world went a little bit mad. Showcasing these shoes globally Kenneth gave the sneakerheads what they wanted, just to see them! One pair reportedly sold for around $6000, which is quite a sum to pay for a pair of unwearable trainers!


10. Bronze Nike Air Jordans – $2250 (£1700)


AJ5-Bronze-640x426A slight step down from the gold dipped pair, but no less expensive are these bronze sculptures of the Nike Air Jordans. Created by artist MSenna made these completely unwearable, and undoubtedly heavy bronze cast of many sneakerheads favourite shoes. If you’re more into wearing a pair of these beauties, then I’d avoid placing a bid for these sculptures, as there more for looking at than anything.

Now, for those of you who like your trainers, I shouldn’t think that this list comes as much of a surprise as it did to me. With some people willing to drop a cool $17 million on one pair of trainers, it makes you wonder whether or not they actually wore them, or whether they were something you’d place in a glass case for no-one to touch ever!

I know for certain that this isn’t the end when it comes to expensive trainers, nor will Red October Yeezys be the most expensive, as there is someone out there who is willing to spend, quite literally, millions on one pair of trainers. Whoever they are, I at least hope they get to wear them at least once.