Experts Say Hillary Clinton Might Die Soon

Hillary Experts Say Hillary Clinton Might Die Soon Clapway

Trump may have a new campaign strategy, because waiting for Hillary Clinton to die may be easier than debating against her. The Internet is alive with new videos and articles showing and discussing Hillary Clinton’s failing health on the campaign trail. The 68-year-old may have been fit to serve a year ago, but some believe she may be on her way out. It appears that the Clinton team is doing all they can, but covering-up their candidate’s health issues may be too challenging. However, Trump seems happy to capitalize on the issue.

Hillary Clinton may be knocking on heaven’s door, and Trump is eager to take advantage

Reports of Hillary Clinton stumbling as she walked up a small row of steps has sparked intrigue into the presidential candidate’s health. The moment happened while touring the SC Strong facilities in South Carolina, a home for ex-offenders. Trump was quick to jump on the opportunity to bash his rival. He noted that she was not up to the task of taking on ISIS and terrorism. What will become of the woman who sat beside Obama the day Bin Laden was killed?

A year ago Hillary Clinton was declared “fit to serve” by her doctor; did her doctors lie to the public?

The lengthy medical document declaring Hillary Clinton healthy to be president is now coming under fire. Is the woman who took down Bin Laden unable to continue the fight against terrorism? YouTube video MLordandGod posted a video discussing how her current health needs to be revealed to the public. It is possible that her 2012 brain clot caused too much damage. Clinton’s poor health on the campaign trail is most certainly cause for concern.

Dr. Drew Pinsky is concerned Hillary Clinton is not getting the health care she needs

There are some experts that believe Hillary Clinton is simply not getting the quality of care she needs. Dr. Drew Pinsky, a board-certified medical expert and TV personality noted that Clinton’s health care is outdated. Dr. Drew believes that her doctor is getting 1950s diagnosis and treatment care, instead of up-to-date care a presidential candidate deserves. Will Clinton’s funeral precede the election?