Top 6 Best Deals for PS4 Fans (Up to 72% Off)

Top 6 Best Deals for PS4 Fans (Up to 72% Off) Clapway

Top PS4 deals are available on Amazon, making fans more than happy. Now you can get new wireless controllers game deals for up to 72% off. Take advantage of these excellent end of summer discounts and check out what’s waiting online.

1. Artlii XPlay USB Controller deals – 72% off

The XPlay is a great USB wired controller for gaming PS4 fans. It is compatible with Windows, PC360, Android, and PS3 as well, but some version restrictions do apply. It also offers users a vibrative feedback feature making it one of the best deals for $21.99.


2. DiRT Rally for PS4 fans – 20% off

Race 39 iconic rally cars while playing DiRT Rally by Deep Silver. PS4 fans like this game and its large number of race maps with more than 70 stages. This game also features FIA World Rallycross tracks, cars, and much more. Available on Amazon for $39.99.

3. Just Cause 3 deals – 41% off

Just Cause 3 by Square Enix is one of the best ends of summer gaming deals for PS4 fans. You can grapple and parachute around different maps in the Mediterranean and even do some virtual base-jumping. You can also pick up some pretty sweet weaponry along the way. $29.99.

4. Keten Vertical PlayStation Stand – 52% off

The Keten Vertical PlayStation Stand is the perfect accessory for PS4 fans, because keeping everything in one place is perfect. This stand also charges controllers and acts as a cooling fan for those long marathon gaming sessions. It also features a 3 port USB Hub. $23.75.

5. GameSir G3s Bluetooth Controller – 49% off

The G3s by GameSir is a 2.4GHz Bluetooth controller that PS4 fans want. It is compatible with Android TV BOX, smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It is a great addition to any gamer’s arsenal. $35.99.


6. Sony Move Charging Station deals – 60% off

The Sony Move Charging Station is a great addition to any PS4 gaming console. It features 4 adapters and is also DualShock equipped. This charging station is fast and efficient and available on Amazon for $11.99.