5 Reasons why LG V20 can compete Apple iPhone 7

5 Reasons why LG V20 can compete Apple iPhone 7

LG and Apple will go through a flagship vs flagship competition in just two days, the first opportunity to strike is landed to LG but Apple actually owns the highest interest. LG and Apple will launch their flagships on September 6th and 7th respectively, both of the units will run on different Operating Systems and both will feature top-notch features.

LG debuts ahead of Apple

In a fight, the competitor that strikes first has the highest chances to win the match (unless you’re fighting Rocky Balboa), and this is the opportunity that was landed to LG. The ability to strike first, gather as much attention as possible at the day one, and possibly to release its flagship for pre-orders since the very first same day. The V20 flagship is already one of the most rumored and talked about phones of the moment, and launching its flagship one day ahead of the iPhone 7 can be all LG needs to set up a powerful competition toward Apple.

As the LG V20 and Apple iPhone 7 are going to be pricey phones, those that show interest on the V20 are less likely to go ahead and purchase the Apple’s product too. If LG sets its flagship for pre-orders, its subscribers are going to stick there and get exactly what they ordered.

Android users are more in numbers compared to iOS users

The greatest barrier that separates these two devices is the OS the phones will be operating on. Where LG has the upper hand is that the Google Play Store apps marketplace that will be empowering features of the V20 has two-time more applications than the Apple’s iTunes App Store.

In general making apps for Android is way too simple compared to what you should provide to have a functional iOS app. As none can imagine running on their phone just the pre-loaded apps which the phone manufacturer has installed on the shipping, the loyal Android users are more likely to stick to other Android phones rather than going for an iOS adventure.

Android-powered phones are the most popular phones available at the moment, basically, only Apple and some tiny phone manufacturers go for iOS phones. All the rest build their phones running Android and attach a customized UI skin to the main operating system. Thus, with almost every mobile manufacturer developing Android smartphones, you can expect Android users to be higher in numbers compared to the iOS ones. But remember, Apple sells more units than any other company in the U.S. and Europe, way more than Samsung or LG in a one-to-one competition.

LG V20 debuts Android 7.0 Nougat

Every Android enthusiast loves to put hands and feel what Google has brought on its newest Android 7.0 Nougat version of the OS. And also to be noted is that LG has the rare opportunity to debut Android 7 on its V20 flagship.

Being the first Android phone to come with the Android 7.0 Nougat upgrade out of the box will directly increase the popularity of the V20. Android users want the best of what Android has to offer to them, and for now, the best is Android 7. The best of Android is packed and branded as LG V20. Period.

LG V20 has better specs in papers compared to the iPhone 7

If you take two printed sheets of papers writing down specifications of the LG V20 and those of the upcoming Apple iPhone 7, you will believe that V20 is way more advanced than the iPhone 7.

The reason behind these specs is that Apple possesses its own hi-tech hardware and software, the processors made by Apple are more powerful than those found elsewhere, Qualcomm included. That’s why Apple iPhone devices either have one or two GB of RAM and can have their memory expanded via microSD cards even beyond those of Android phones packing mind-blowing 6GB of RAM.

One of the greatest stuff that evolved with smartphones is their ability to snap professional photos and record outstanding videos. The iPhone 7 is rumored to pack a 12MP main camera on the rear and a 5MP selfie shooter in the front. While the V20 is said to have a dual 16MP lens camera on the back side and also two 8MP cameras on the front (LG V20 rumor of a few days ago).

But don’t be wrong, more pixels doesn’t mean better photos and video recording. You should be a professional photographer to judge which of these cameras can record videos and shoot pictures better. A camera with more MP is not always better than one with less MP, this was a fact for back in the days times.

But, not everyone knows that iPhone 7 might have a 12MP camera but it might be much better than the dual 16MP cameras of the LG V20, and luckily for LG not everyone believes that two 16MP cameras cannot beat a single 12MP unit.

LG receiving an indirect help by a Samsung failure

Everyone knows that LG is not the classic competitor of Apple, Samsung is instead. But this year Samsung debuted its flagship branded as the Galaxy Note 7 and it rightfully takes the place as the best phone released by far.

While everything was going smoothly for Samsung, disaster stroke. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was reported dozens of times to catch fire while charging. Thus, Samsung was forced to retreat over than 2 million Galaxy Note 7 units from stores, leaving an open market for the LG V20. Also, making its loyal customers disappointed and indirectly offering them an alternative to hi-end Android smartphones, the best available by far is the LG V20.

Basically, LG will have many of the disappointed Samsung customers by their side when debuting the LG V20 and Apple should compete against all of that. One day after LG has shown its best.


Even the craziest LG fan disbelieves that LG will be capable of selling more units of its flagship than Apple. This will just not happen. LG will try to gather as much of attention as it can for the V20 and it will surely make history on September 6th when will introduce the Android 7.0 Nougat and the V20 flagship, but in numbers, Apple will still be way ahead of LG in the terms of sales.

5 Reasons why LG V20 can compete Apple iPhone 7