18 Tips that Will Change the Way You Cook Food

How to Cook

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There is a saying that eating is a necessity but cooking is an art. Without any doubt, cooking is something that requires skills with passion. That is why the chef schools are existing there. It is not the matter of having required ingredients and a recipe to follow. To be a better cook you have to cook your heart out. That is why you need to follow some effective directions to enhance your cooking skills. So, here we are going to discuss 16 tips that will change the way you cook food.

Keep Your Knives Sharp

Your knife is the most important tool in the kitchen. All sort of functions like cutting, chopping or slicing are going to be performed with the aid of knives. A well sharpen knife will make your work more easy and efficient.

Cooking - ClapwayInclude Herbs and Spices

Herb and spices are great taste enhancers. Despite from salt and pepper, herbs and spices are also very effective to include remarkable flavor in your dish. Do consider them in your recipe and the result will surely be surprising. Herbs and Spices ease you to boost up the taste of your dish with adding additional fats.

Use a Thermometer

Often the chefs used to check that either the food has been cooked or not by nipping some quantity of food with their figures or by pinching knife in it. That’s not a fair way to check the food. Instead of this, you may use a thermometer to estimate the heat and status of your food.

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Keep Your Cookbook Busy

It’s always a good habit to write down your experiences. A written material will surely be helpful in the future. If you noticed that any dish used a specific ingredient more than traditionally mentioned, you must have to note down it in your cookbook. Making a note into your cookbook will also help you to memorize it.

Re-memorize the Recipe before Start

For all of the new chefs there, re-memorizing the recipe before you start cooking is surely be a good habit. Cooking is something more than just combine the ingredients and cook. It more the technique that matter. Recalling the step by step procedure that how the ingredients will be added and what precautions you must follow is really essential.

Arrange Everything in Order

Arranging everything to its order means to prepare the required ingredients in ready to include the state. Its means that onion must be chopped before the oil reaches its maximum temperature. Chopping the onions while the frying pan is heating up with oil will cause in smoking the oil. You have to manage the time and make sure that everything is ready before start cooking.

Non-Stick Utensils

Nonstick utensils ease to avoid the chance of sticking your food to the surface. If you often having such experience that your food sticks to the surface of the pan then it’s the time to transform. Non-stick utensil eases you to cook whatever you want without being messy.

Top 3 Foods, Besides Chipotle, That Can Quickly kill you ClapwayDrain Out the Meaty Stuff

It’s really important that all sort of meat either seafood, mutton or beef should be well drained before cooking. A well-drained meat will be cooked crispier. Meat having moisture will not be cooked better and remain sturdy. You may sprinkle salt over the meat and keep it in the upright freezer for some time. Salt will also draw out the moisture from meat.

Well Use of Your Hands

Your hand the basic and most useful tool in cooking. Do not be shy to use your hands while mixing or kneading. Your hands the best mixer while marinating. You can’t combine the salad better except than your hand.

Maintain the Enough Level of Acid

Sometimes after cooking a dish you might feel that the taste is lacking something. It often happens even after following the complete recipe. It’s mean that your recipe is lacking the require glamor. To enhance this glamor addition of some sort of vinegar will be handy. You may also add citrus acid to your dish at the completion of the cooking process.

food cooking eatingAvoid Pre-shredded Cheese

Pre-shredded cheese does not melt like freshly shredded cheese and hence messes the flavor. Pre-shredded cheese contains a little amount of starch upon it to keep it fresh. This starch really damages the melt-ability of cheese. Beside of using pre-shredded cheese give priority to the freshly shredded cheese every time and enhance your flavor with such fresh ingredient.

Sear the Nuts

Nuts always produce a healthy touch in sweet dishes. The best to use nuts in your food is that before adding them, make sure to sear or toast them. This process will make the nuts crunchier and they will produce a rich taste. Toasting the nuts will also ease you to preserve the real taste of nuts for the longer time. So you may use them whenever you need.

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Rest You Food

After preparing the dish you have to give some time to the food to rest well. When a food cooks, all of its juice comes out in shape of bubbles while boiling. You need this taste to get back and combine with all material. So, avoid to serve the meal right after it been cooked.

Herbs are Your Flowers

Treat your herbs just like flowers. If you do not pay much attention to them, herbs will wither. To avoid them to wither trim the herbs from stems and keep the herbs in the glass of water. Cover the glass it prevent the air to enter and keep it in the fridge. So you will be able to keep the herbs preserve for the longer period of time and herbs will also not lose its freshness.

Use the Kitchen Towel

Kitchen towel is a handy tool when you are looking for to drain the things out. Kitchen towel will produce the results more than the expectations. Use this tool to drain the salad instead of the salad spinner. Kitchen towel is an amazing replacement of salad spinner.

Pay Attention to Smell

To be an efficient cook you have to enhance the sense of smelling. Despite from recognizing the burnt things, your smell-ability may also tell you that either the food item you are cooking is ready enough or not.

Taste Before you Serve

It’s really essential taste the food before you serve. Sometimes there can be some sort of lacking in the texture or flavor of the food. You can eliminate any kind of weakness by tasting it before serving. It is recommended that you should taste your food before giving it the final touch.

Blizzard Porn Drives PS4, Xbox One Fans Nuts ClapwayAlways Use a Large Bowl

Using a large bowl instead of a small bowl is a good practice. You can’t mix the ingredients much freely in a small space. It will really mess up if you will try to combine a large quantity of a mixture into a small bowl. So always choose a large bowl for any kind of mixing.

Cooking is all about the passion and without passion you can’t get desired results. By following efficient approach you can enhance the way you cook food. An additional tip for better cooking is that try to prepare for cooking before the time or even over the night. Preparing before will ease you avoid any kind of frustration and you will be able to manage the things more in more sophisticated manners.

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