Three of the Most Candylicious Stores Across The Globe

Three of the Most Candylicious Stores Across The Globe

Do you even remember the time when all the world was burning in “candy shop” fever? While 50 Cent surely didn’t try to sell us sweets, the term has remained imprinted in the minds of many of us for years, even to this day. The “candy” he offered was surely attractive – but so is the sweet merchandise you’ll find in these establishments, which are some of the most candylicious stores across the globe.

1. Dylan Lauren’s Candy boutiques around the world

If you step inside one of Dylan Lauren’s candy stores, you’ll leave your adulthood behind, looking at both, its interior and its merchandise, with a childlike awe. Dylan’s Candy Bar, as the chain’s stores are called, has locations all over the US – you can find them in New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, and even inside the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville.

2. The “Happy Pills” heal your cravings for sweets

The “Happy Pills” chain of candy shops is unique, as all its stores are designed to look like the first pharmacies you are not wary about entering. The shelves of the Happy Pills stores (most of them in Barcelona) are filled with the sweetest remedies to the wounds of your soul – candy, chocolate, and whatever else you might desire. The dominant color of these stores is, of course, pink and white – reminding you not of drugs, but sugar and strawberries.

The Happy Pills stores are a perfect way to absorb a bit of sweetness. Besides, they are the perfect spot to sit back, inspire the sweet atmosphere, and engage with the sweetest slot machine you’ll ever find: So Much Candy, a game available at the Royal Vegas Mobile. While your kids (or significant other) explore the endless shelves filled with sweetness, you can spin a few at the Royal Vegas, and maybe even win some cash to spend – on candy, or anything else really. The sweet, candylicious atmosphere of the store, paired with the tasty sweets and wins of the Royal Vegas slots, will surely be worth your time.

3. SugarSin: London’s sweetest spot

Sugar is arguably the sweetest sin you can think of – and so did the folks behind London’s SugarSin chain of candy stores. Located in Covent Garden, one of London’s best-known cultural, fashion, and food destinations, it is the perfect spot to give in to temptation, and sink your teeth into some of the sweetest treats the city has to offer. The store itself is built in the traditional style, with massive glass containers filled with treats provided by some of the most recognized local and international brands – Selfridges, Whole Foods, Lakeland, and others. And if you can’t make it to the store (although we would certainly recommend it), you can also order some of its delightful treats online.