RollStroll Destroys Youtube with His Salvation and Nemesis

RollStroll Destroys Youtube with His New Song

Who could imagine that psychedelic art and 2D graphics would become popular again? Well, it has happened. It seems like more and more YouTubers reminisce about those old times of Super Mario and Fantastic Planet (1973). And RollStroll is one of them. This guy started his Youtube channel just a couple of months ago, but, nevertheless, his videos have already become trending. RollStroll’s new song “Salvation and Nemesis” is a perfect example of what the modern art looks like.

RollStroll Destroys Youtube with His New Song

RollStroll and Tragicomedy on YouTube

Behind all the lightness of the lyrics, the song is filled with the wisdom of our life patterns. It often happens that we love and hate the same individual at the same time. And this composition is all about it. In his song, RollStroll outlines the importance of understanding your heart.

Blood and Unicorns on YouTube

Slightly twisted, the YouTube video is full of unexpected turns in the forms of blood and flowers, dead bodies and unicorns, Angels and Devils. Bright yellow, acidic green, hot pink and deep purple are just a few out of many other non-orthodox colors used in the video.

What’s Next for RollStroll?

Every new video published by RollStroll is significantly better than the previous one. “You’ll always be there,” “Woodpecker,” and now “Salvation and Nemesis.” The quality of production is getting better and better. So, it’s anyone’s guess what is next on this artist’s bucket list.

We live in the 21st century. Independent artists (just like independent journalists and independent inventors) have free access to the hearts of millions of people through Social Media apps, video sharing platforms, and Crowdfunding websites. People from all over the world can discover your “masterpiece” in the annals of the Internet if you dare enough to share your creations. RollStroll proves just that. And it’s just the beginning.