Why Is WordPress the Platform of Choice for Digital Signage Websites of the Day?

Why Is WordPress the Platform of Choice for Digital Signage Websites of the Day? Top 3 Wordpress Alternatives that Work Best for Startup owners

Even three years ago when we heard of WordPress we immediately thought of neo-bloggers who had made WP their niche website platform. Now, WordPress powers over 27% of the internet and holds a majestic 60% of the market share.

Digital signage is also not a new technology anymore. As a matter of fact, digital signage is now a booming industry growing at a rate of 8.94% compounded annually. A whopping 52% of adult Americans recall seeing a digital display at least once a week during their commute.

The variety of the templates poses a serious challenge

Digital signage templates are extremely diverse owing to the various uses of the signage system. Digital signage can be employed in hospitals, public sectors, schools, colleges and hospitality sectors for better customer (student in case of educational institutions) engagement. In each of these cases the purpose of the digital signage changes with time and placement. And this definitely calls for a wide collection of templates that can be readily customized for various purposes without much fuss.

Why is WordPress the prime choice of website builders and designers?

There are many digital signage companies and managers who love WordPress based sites that serve as digital signage platforms. So we thought of conducting a survey that would highlight the advantages of choosing WordPress above other CMS and website building platforms for this purpose –

  1. WordPress is quite easy to use. Almost 77 million people use WordPress and up until 2015, almost 3 billion comments have been left on WordPress sites collectively. This makes WordPress globally accepted and the website building, maintenance and navigation procedures quite standardized.
  2. WordPress is an open-source freeware that sports all the features necessary for hosting a wide variety of templates of various resolutions for direct download or for sample showcasing. Most of the enterprise digital template signage software programs are so expensive that they are usually out of every fresher’s league.
  • WordPress is very secure as a website platform. It releases security updates in regular intervals that can be used to patch existing security settings of WordPress themes being used.
  1. It is difficult to find a highly scalable platform that can support the growth of a business with evolving enterprise features and business-oriented tools. WordPress is one of the rare, pocket-friendly options that make it possible for all digital signage businesses to find a platform that will scale with them.
  2. WordPress is possibly the only website cum blogging platform that has exclusive digital signage plugins, example – DigitalSignagePress. In addition to these, they have social share widgets that allow you to share your lie templates on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.

WordPress is a browser oriented platform that comes packed with dynamic features and plugins that help in the scalable growth of a business. It supports HTML5-CSS3 based websites that are easy to maintain, customize and modify according to user-based needs. WordPress is the unanimous choice of webmasters and entrepreneurs when it comes to designing websites for digital signage templates.