What are the few Business Trends you Need to Look out for in 2017?

What are the few Business Trends you Need to Look out for in 2017? Microsoft Artificial Intelligence Plays Minecraft Clapway

It’s a fresh start to a year that brings about quite a number of resolutions and changes to company policies that most people wait for, all year long. With every passing year business and marketing tech evolves and adapts to the needs of the consumers. More than the evolution of gadgets and technology, this adaptation of technology relies heavily on consumer behavior.

There are whispers and rumors about quite a few emerging trends in business that will change the technology world as we know it. Here’s a brief glimpse of the 3 different trends from the different spheres of marketing that will dominate 2017.

  1. IoT – this is the Internet of Things. If you have always wanted a centralized system that could converge all your electronics and utilities into one integrated system (something right out of the Jetsons family) then this is your year! This was first launched in 2016. IoT can change the environment inside your home using products like Next and in 2017 we hope to see a distinct evolution in sensors that will collect user data and adapt to the preferences of the users by the use of machine learning. This will possibly connect all your electronic devices, gadgets and utilities so they can “communicate” to one another.
  2. Drone Technology – Amazon made its first delivery using drone tech back in 2016. As of 2017, many ecommerce companies are thinking of employing drones to make deliveries to cut the costs of manual labor.

Have you heard of VILLAWAY? This is one company that is pioneering the personalized tours of vacation homes this year. A combination of drone technology with A.I. will prove this process to be rewarding, given the necessary evolution of machine learning in tandem. With the integration of VR into the tech sphere drone technology is about to get a significant boost in the near future.

  1. VR and AR – at the moment, the software platforms for both VR and AR a bit limited. There are dedicated videos and websites meant only for 360-degree viewing. But desktop and mobile optimized sites do not really have a 360-degree optimized view as of now. Products like Oculus, HoloLens and Google Cardboard will make VR the new reality in the coming few years. Quite a number of platforms are in the process of optimizing codes for VR platforms and Salesforce is one of the pioneers of the same. However there are significant setbacks like the limitation of data merging of Salesforce changesets with other developers that is staggering the process. This calls for a more dynamic platform that can adapt, merge, and modify according to the beck and call of the coders.

2017 is already a stepping stone into the future we have always dreamt of. There might not be flying cars as of yet, but now we can get our pizza delivered by drones and our room heaters turned on through our phones while we are 10 minutes away from home.