Your Guide to DUI Attorney Fees

Your Guide to DUI Attorney Fees Unlike Facebook and Twitter, This Social Media Platform is Intended To Bring Humanity Into The The World Clapway

How much will the DUI attorney ask for? What determines how much they ask for in fees? These are the two most important answers you must obtain if looking for a DUI attorney and after determining their eligibility and experience. There are many DUI attorneys in your state, but how much is affordable to you? What are you paying for?

The attorney fees payable are determined by:

  • The complexity of the case: In the case of a DUI charge where expert witnesses are called in and the media is involved, you may have to part with a little more in attorney fees. Complex cases are
  • Severity and number of charges: If the DUI charge doesn’t involve charges for injuries, property damage, or death, then you may get off easy with a light punishment in fines. The opposite is also true. You will pay hefty fees for representation involving injuries and damage.
  • Reputation and experience: Be ready to pay high attorney fees if you have hired a top-brass attorney. In most cases, you pay such lawyers for their skills, knowledge, and their reputation too. Such attorneys turn bad situations into good ones, yielding positive outcomes. If unsure of the lawyer’s reputation and skill set, visit
  • Location of the case
  • Travel necessities
  • The anticipated number of court appearances
  • Number of witnesses

How do you get the best rates?

  1. Negotiate

The attorney fees are negotiable. Negotiation is a hurdle when dealing with a DUI attorney with a higher notoriety, but it is worth the shot. Honesty is the number one rule for winning negotiations with attorneys.

  1. Know the fees upfront

You must have the attorney fees laid in black and white through a written contract. Fortunately, attorneys are big on contracts and you won’t have a problem. Note that you shouldn’t assume that the written contract will be prepared. Ask for one and keep a signed and stamped copy for yourself.

Include your set of ethical standards to govern the fees. Check in with your lawyer before signing any such contracts.

At the same time, you should ensure that the contract stipulates what is included in the fees. The most common attorney fees include:

  • Consultation fee: This is charged for the time spent advising you. Fortunately, there are many DUI attorneys offering free consultation services.
  • Contingency fees: DUI cases have no contingency fees.
  • Flat fees: This is where the attorney charges a specific fee as the total fee.
  • Hourly rate: The lawyer charges a certain rate hourly.
  • Statutory fees: In some cases, the court, through its statutes, sets and approves fees payable.
  1. Price comparison

In the same way that you compare prices in the grocery store, you must compare the attorney fees charged by the potential attorneys and determine the best price for you. Consultations with other attorneys will guide you in determining the best or the standard fee for your case.

  1. Payment plan

A payment plan makes attorney fees manageable. The fees are often high and unplanned. If the attorney offers a payment plan, you will be better off. As you compare fees, make payment plan propositions.

Notably, attorney fees are variable. Choose the attorney offering the best price for excellent services.