Why Microsoft SCANPST Taking Long Time to Repair Corrupt PST File

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Managing the emails in the Microsoft Outlook application is very simple because it’s the widely used email client today. Outlook stores all kind of information contained in the mailbox data like Contacts, Calendars, Notes, Journals etc. in a Personal folder or the PST file. All the Microsoft Outlook users are well aware of the scanpst.exe which is a free and inbuilt tool provided by Microsoft Outlook. The Inbox Repair tool finds the vulnerabilities of corruption in the PST file and the corruption problems are solved at initial stages using the scanpst.exe utility. But, at times the performance of the scanpst.exe is observed to be very slow during the time of repairing PST file.

Reasons Why Scanpst.exe Fails to Repair PST File

The reasons why Inbox Repair tool is taking a long time are as follows:

  • The inability of the Inbox Repair tool to repair the oversized PST files which exceed more than 2 GB of data storage.
  • Insufficient system resources like CPU or computer system memory.
  • Large and severe corruptions in the Outlook PST file.

Limitations of SCANPST

The limitations of Inbox Repair tool (Scanpst.exe) are as follows:

  • It repairs only the header part and low-level damage of the Outlook PST file.
  • If only the body of the Outlook PST file is corrupted the scanpst.exe fails.
  • Some data might get lost while repairing PST file and data might get lost after repairing it.

Outlook PST File Repair Tool – SCANPST Alternative

The automated approach for scanpst.exe utility is to use Outlook file repair tool which easily recovers all the Microsoft Outlook PST files without any limitation of the file size. In addition, the tool also repairs the corrupted Outlook PST files as well. Also, it supports UNICODE type Outlook PST file as well. So, all the Outlook users instead spending so much of time on searching for the manual methods to repair their PST file, should try using this third-party tool as it overcomes the problems faced by the scanpst.exe utility. Also, it can recover the Outlook PST file without requiring to install the Microsoft Outlook application on the computer system. Plus, the tool also supports the hard deleted Outlook Email recovery.

It is the best reliable approach and very time saving as well rather than the scanpst.exe inbuilt Outlook utility.

Steps on How to Run Outlook File Repair Tool

The steps to run the PST Repair tool are as follows:

  • Click, on the Start button then click on All Programs and then open the Outlook Recovery tool. Once it is opened the tool will perform the pre-requisite checks of the important components to be present for the efficient Outlook data file recovery process. The tool always requires Microsoft Outlook which comes installed and configured on the installation machine.
  • Click on the Add File button and start adding the Outlook PST files which are to be recovered.
  • After that, a dialog box will get a pop-up and here the user has to select the file by providing the location of the stored file. Click on the Browse button to provide the proper path to the Outlook data file.
  • The Storage Folder option helps to minimize the size of installation drive by moving the temp to the desired drive of the user. Now select the Advanced Scanning mode before moving forward with the scanning process. This mode allows users to perform the recovery from highly corrupted Outlook PST file. Finally, click on Add File button to start the scanning process.
  • Click on the YES button to save the scan otherwise click on the NO button.
  • After that, the tool will display the data of mailboxes contained in the Outlook PST file. Select the particular email to get the preview of it.
  • Now, the user should switch the views according to his requirements.
  • The user should select the emails which they want to export after the recovery process and the right click and select the Export option.
  • Select Export it as PST file option.
  • Once export process is completed the message gets a pop-up saying “Export Process Completed Successfully”.


The scanpst.exe is a free tool provided by Microsoft in Outlook to repair corrupted PST files. But sometimes this utility takes a long time to repair large size of Outlook PST files. So, then we recommended using PST Repair tool which not only repairs but also recovers the deleted emails from the corrupted Outlook PST files.