Common Signs That Indicate Your Air Conditioner Is Heading for a Breakdown

Common Signs That Indicate Your Air Conditioner Is Heading for a Breakdown BMW Announces AirTouch at Consumer Electronics Show 2015 Clapway

Since AC units are typically out in the yard, most of us don’t spare a thought about them until we experience sub-optimal cooling or we happen to be mowing the grass. Modern units are generally so good that they can keep on operating without creating a fuss or needing regular maintenance. However, as with all electrical devices, you really can’t expect them not to ever fail, and when they do, there’s a general panic, especially if it’s the summer season. Being as dependent as we are on air conditioning, it is best that we learn to recognize the signs of common problems before the unit comes to a grinding halt, and an easily-fixable problem escalates to an expensive repair job.

While the best way of maintaining your air conditioner is to ensure that it is periodically checked out by a professional HVAC technician, however, it is still worthwhile to have enough knowledge about common issues so that you can get them attended to before they become complicated and the unit fails completely.

Some alerts:

Unit Is Only Pushing Out Warm Air

In a hot and sunny state like Texas, air conditioning is a must and if your unit starts pushing out warm air only thenit is very difficult to ignore it for long. It is a very good indicator of the compressor not working properly or the level of the refrigerant has dipped. Of course, when it is really warm your AC unit may struggle to make your house icy cold, however, the air coming out of the vents will still be cool. If the air coming out is nowhere near being cool, it’s time to call in an AC maintenance agency like A/C Man to identify what the fault is and set it right. Remember Freon is extremely toxic so leaks need to be corrected immediately.

Unit Operating Constantly

In the Texas summer, air conditioners will be pushed to their limits so you can expect them to be running a lot. However, if the unit seems to be always running without even stopping briefly, it is a clear indication that there is a problem that needs attention. A constantly-running compressor wears out far faster, and you get a hefty power bill too at the end of the month.

Lack of Airflow

If there seems to be inadequate airflow, then it is quite likely that the unit’s air filter may have got clogged and needs to be cleaned or replaced. If the problem seems to be occurring in just one of some rooms, then it is more likely that the ducts may have been obstructed by rodents or other small animals building nests or leaving food debris.

Unexplained Noises

If you notice that your AC unit is making strange noises, usually bumps or clangs or shuddering when running, instead of the normal smooth hum, it can be due to a variety of problems associated with mountings of the compressor having come loose or ball bearings of the motor fan having become worn out, etc. Typically, these are not problems that you can tackle by yourself so it is best to call in an experienced HVAC repair and maintenance firm to take a look and set things right.


For best cooling and economical operation, air conditioners need regular maintenance. This is best done by entering into a maintenance contract with an HVAC maintenance agency. However, should you not wish to do so, you can still prevent the need for expensive repairs if you are alert and watch out for indications that the AC unit is heading towards a breakdown.


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