SEO Quickly, But SEO Correctly – Best SEO Tactics for 2017

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SEO is evolving like a living, breathing creature. So is your competition. There are new tools and strategies coming up every day that work perfectly with Google’s new algorithm.

What should you be doing?

You may have already asked this a thousand times, “What’s good for my site SEO?” Today, NYCseoauthority will help you unearth the few infallible tactics for SEO 2017 that will keep your website on top and visible for the rest of this year.

i. Pay attention to infographics

This is a wonderful way to convey maximum information to your target audience without boring them. This is the best way to get noticed by your readers. However, simply posting random infographics aren’t enough. You need to use the right tags and alt texts to keep your images visible.

ii. Keep your content longform

2017 is still the year of long-form content. This is a typical content of 1000-2000 words. The ideal keyword density is still non-existent, but you can try up to 6% for best effects. Long-form content has better ranking powers and marketers are loving a single, informative article in comparison to 4-5 short ones.

iii. Keep mobile first

Google is already showing clear preferences for mobile friendly sites. If you want your website to capture the mobile users as well, you need to make your website responsive. Google is investing a lot on mobile-only features and this is the time for you to tap into the potential.

iv. AMP

Accelerated Mobile Pages is one way to stay on top of your SEO game. It has three sections, AMP HTML, AMP JS and Google AMP Cache. This feature enables websites to load on mobile devices without losing any time.

v. Pay attention to quality

By dint of paying more attention to tactics and strategies, we end up giving less importance to quality. Most SEO authorities also forget to emphasize enough on the quality of content. Do not stuff keywords and keep the content relevant to your website.

vi. Integrate blog comments

Comment threads are a great way to get noticed. It is an age-old strategy that is making a grand comeback in 2017. Comment threads on blogs are a great way to bring in backlinks and high traffic. Be sure to monitor comments and only add those that add value to your website.

Your website visibility is directly tied to your brand reputation. You cannot fight in the online wars without enough visibility. SEO optimization is a continuous process and you can achieve it by perfecting the balance between the 6 mentioned factors. This is your time to get ready and formulate a well-informed strategy for staying ahead of the competition.