Daily Picks: 10 Articles “About People”

Daily Picks: 10 Articles

Daily Picks: 10 Articles “About People”

1. Shots

Drugs In Mice and In People

2. GOstamina

Humans and Inspirational Transformations

3. Kicksday

Popular Dance Styles Around the World

4. RollStroll

The Stupidest Celebrities

5. MysticSauce

Why Do Pornstars Mysteriously Die?

6. DifferentWho

Incredible Celebrities With Autism

7. Vivid Globe

How to Make Your Flight Even Better

8. Chef Cousin

Here is What Stress Does to Your Food Choices

9. Movie Bulb

Why Do People Like Watching Sex and Drugs Scenes in Movies?

10. Capitol Geisha

Angela Merkel: 10 Things You Didn’t Know