Noble Ant ICO to Beat EOS and Telegram

Better than EOS... Noble Ant ICO to Beat EOS and Telegram

Noble Ant will be issuing NANT during its Pre-Sale from August 5, 2018 to August 17, 2018. Before and during the Pre-Sale, contributors will be able to enroll on the website to activate their #bountycode/referral link.

If the company does not receive enough funds during its pre-sale, all funds/tokens will be returned.

Better Than EOS and Telegram: Pre-Sale Bonus Program

As part of the Pre-Sale, the first 10% of contributions will be able to get 10% bonus. The following 5% of contributions will be able to get 5% bonus.

In addition, Noble Ant offers contributors a Referral program in which a friend gets an additional 50% of NANT by using their activated referral link/#bounty code, and the original referee will get an equivalent NANT amount in his/her own ETH address.

Better Than EOS and Telegram: ICO/Main Crowdsale

The ICO main crowdsale, consisting of 360 rounds of 2,222,222 NANT, is scheduled to last for a period of close to 1 year and expected to generate buzz.

Better Than EOS and Telegram: NANT Token Price

Based on calculations, Noble Ant believes that the initial price will equal no more than $0.001 per NANT. However, by the time the token reaches exchanges, the company expects it to be at least $1.

English/Russian/Spanish Translations

The website versions include English/Russian/Spanish.


The token cannot be purchased by citizens of U.S., China, Korea, or other countries that fall under the restrictive regulations.

About Noble Ant

Noble Ant will be engaging a variety of top experts from Silicon Valley for its accelerator for blockchain startups, such as partners, advisors, and startup mentors.

The accelerator program will culminate in a virtual Demo Day, where token holders will be able to exercise token to obtain access to view virtual Demo Day. The token holders can also expect the NANT to grow in value due to the perceived higher value of startups that undergo Noble Ant’s accelerator program.

Noble Ant Contact Info

Noble Ant is growing bigger and stronger. For any questions, please email [email protected].