World Bummed: Lil Wayne to Release Two Albums

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“Hello world, I’m with a yellow girl, number two pencil.”

 Do these terrific song lyrics sound familiar to you? They were written by Lil Wayne.

“I tongue kiss her other tongue, Skeet skeet skeet; water gun.”

Wow, that’s pure poetry. Lil Wayne has been featured on hundreds of tracks throughout the years. Producing countless hits and even more duds. Many of you may wonder why I’ve decided to bring these lyrics to light today. It’s because Lil Wayne is dropping TWO albums this summer. That’s right, two. Not only do we get to be disappointed by the first album. Soon after, we’ll be disappointed again.

The rapper spoke of his future summer plans in this weeks Weezy Wednesdays Webisode, “This year, not only will I be dropping Tha Carter V, but I’m dropping two albums. Be looking forward to two albums, two albums from me because … I been out the game for a second.”

Wayne said that he decide to release two albums because he had created too much music to place on one CD. “So it’s like either Carter V gonna be 93 songs, or we’re gonna have to figure this out,” he said. “So what we said was, ‘Alright, we’re going to drop two albums this year, then we’re going to probably end up dropping, like, seven next year.”

Lil Wayne has a huge fan base, and for a good reason too. He exploded onto the scene when he released his solo album adventure Tha Block is Hot in 1999. The album went certified platinum. 2008 marked a historic event as he released his most successful album to date, Tha Carter III. After the release of Tha Carter III he began to change his style. Releasing rock-esque album, Rebirth. The album was certified gold by the RIAA despite a generally negative response from the public.

Lil Wayne has provided us with some good music and some really, really bad music. It looks as if he’s not yet ready to walk away from the game. Maybe his newest albums will show Wayne returning to his roots, the style that made him popular in the first place. All I know is it looks as if we have, “Like seven albums” to look forward to.

“I get money to kill time, dead clocks.”

– Lil Wayne