Wie Wins Major

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Michelle Wie is a celebrity in the golf world for her rise to prowess from such a young age, as well as accompanying such achievement with a sparkling personality. Yesterday, She did it again, proving herself a golf prodigy by winning the US women’s Open, her first major.

I’ve discussed the US women’s Open before, in an article about Lexi Thompson.

Michelle Wie has always hit the ball hard, according to her father. He wasn’t kidding as she was able to drive the ball over 300 yards by age 12.

Hitting the ball is good and all, but golf will always be a game of precision. There’s a lot of different mechanics that go into the sport of golf, as there is always a different situation a golfer finds their self in. What club to use and how to swing at the ball are just two of the many questions and scenarios that run through a golfer’s mind. With everyone’s bodies built differently, it is no surprise that some very strange and unique techniques have shown themselves throughout the sport’s history. Michelle Wie is no different. Her putting style has been a topic of discussion recently. You’d think that a professional athlete has every part of their game down tight, but it isn’t completely uncommon for pro golfers to change their putting style, and that’s just what Michelle Wie did. She was never comfortable with her putter or the way she used it, but she finally found her sweet spot by bending over and making something of an “L” shape with her body, allowing her to create a pendulum that hangs directly down from her arms. Her technique allows her to use her height to her advantage.

Michelle Wie isn’t just all golf all the time. Oh no, the renaissance woman will adventure into other pursuits. Despite showing exceptional promise in golf, she chose to go to Stanford University with only her education in mind. And even now that she has pursued a career as a professional golfer, she still takes the time to enjoy creating her art. So congratulations to Michelle Wie on her recent victory, and being a total [email protected]$$.

She even has her own website.