Andrew “The Iron Stomach” Zimmern

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Andrew Zimmern is hungry, but it takes more than an average cheeseburger to satisfy his iron stomach. Perhaps he will prepare a hearty meal made up of bull’s testicles with some fried crickets on the side. He’s developed a taste for a cow’s placenta; maybe he’ll stop by the deli and throw some on the grill. I’m sure his family would love for him to serve them the average meal, but that’s highly unlikely. He has a reputation to keep in tact for he is the celebrity host of Travel Network’s show Bizarre Foods.

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Zimmern is a TV personality, chef, food writer and teacher. He has held nearly every position in the restaurant industry and is known for having knowledge of the food world unlike any other. On his show he travels the world eating everything and anything. I once saw him eat rotten fish that was fermenting underneath the sand in Alaska. He found it rather distasteful, in fact, I’m pretty sure he said it was one of the most terrible things he’d ever eaten. It’s his job to experience the many cultures the world has to offer. In one episode he drank the blood of a cow with the Maasai tribe of Tanzania and partook in some of their most respected ceremonies.

Many people wonder if there is anything Zimmern will refuse to eat, he has yet to meet his match. However, when Food and Wine magazine recently interviewed him he decided that it was Hakarl from Iceland that won the prize of, “worst food ever.” Hakarl is a Greenland shark that is hung to dry for up to five months. It is a required taste that some describe as “ammonia-rich.” I feel like that says a lot about Iceland, they crave foods that are rich with ammonia.

Andrew Zimmern is a lucky man. He has traveled the world and has become a part the cultures that few will ever get to see. He’s selfless in that he shares each adventure with us on his show. Andrew, if you ever want to take a break I will gladly take your spot, I’m craving some Ecuadorian barbecued guinea pig.