How To Ride Powder

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So you’ve been snowboarding a bit (I know I’m posting this in the summer, but it’s hot and I’d like to fantasize about snow right now, and I’m sure you could do with some cold thinking yourself). You consider yourself a decent shredder at this point, and you’d like to get in the pow-pow. Go off trail, live among the forest folk. You want to eat fresh snow and make yellow snow. Who doesn’t? Well, here are some tips to guide you safely through your white, fluffy adventure.

1. Momentum Is Your Friend
Listen very carefully—do not stop. The only time you can stop is if you have something before you that will immediately get you going again like a strong slope. I’ve been in this predicament many times, and that is why I’m telling you to not stop. I’ve had to wriggle and paddle my way through feet of snow until I reached a tree or rock, something that I could use to hoist my board up high enough that I could start moving again. It is exhaustive, and you will be embarrassed with yourself despite the fact that there is no one around to see you. If a tree branch is in your way, then barrel through it or duck or weave, but whatever you do, don’t stop. If you think you’re headed for a cliff, prepare to make the leap of faith, or ride the lip a bit until you can find a good area of attack, but definitely don’t stop here because you may find yourself facing a large area to be cleared with no momentum to get you to a safe landing spot.

2. Surf It, Bro
The secret to powder is in the tail of your board. Get ready to surf the mountain. Pop back on your tail, and let the nose of your board sniff out the turn. The sensation is a lot like surfing. Be sure to carve while you’re off trail and in powder, only going straight when the gradient grows flat.

3. Watch Out For Water
Seriously, frostbite is painful and possibly deadly.

4. Enjoy yourself
I know I’ve been Mr. Worry-Wart, but as long as you balance precaution with adventurism, you’re going to have an excellent time.