The Brew Journal

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There’s nothing quite like the feeling of drinking a cold beer after a hard days work. I sit back, kick my feet up, throw on my favorite Michael Bolton track and quench my thirst. Even better, the beer I’ve chosen to drink is made by yours truly, for I have developed a stellar recipe that is unlike any other. If only there were some sort of journal to document my intricate creation so I can recreate my masterpiece and share it with the world. There is, it’s the newest trend sweeping the earth and gathering all of the greatest beer connoisseurs. Introducing The Brew Journal.

The Brew Journal is a logbook for craft brewers. Every step and piece of the puzzle a craft brewer encounters when working is accounted for in the journal. The endless combinations of ingredients, brewing notes, hops, yeast, and hydrometer readings can all be accounted for. There is even a section where you can judge your creation and take notes on how you may want to alter it.

The brewing of a good craft beer is an complicated process that requires many steps. It is easy to get lost along the way and mess up the entire batch. The Brew Journal provides the beer chef with a friendly way of staying organized. General information on some of the basic aspects of creating a well-brewed beer is included; conversion charts, beer color references and yeast strains reference charts are just a few of the guides that come with The Brew Journal.

The Brew Journal has arrived and is fit for the professionals or even those who are just beginning. I have no problem saying this but beer is an important part of life. If you had a bad day, drink a beer. If you’re at a social event, drink a beer. If you’re invited to a briss, drink 12 beers. Some of the greatest experiences I’ve ever had in life have been with a beer in my hand. What’s even better than drinking a cold one? Drinking one that you brewed yourself.

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