Where Fashion is Going Next

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Sometimes I look good. I walk around and my shorts match my shirt. My shirt matches my shoes. My shoes match my hat. My beard grows thicker than Alan Thicke’s wallet. Fashion trends travel the world and change nearly every day. One day something you scoff at and look down upon could become the next big thing. That’s where I come in; I have eyes, I see things. Most importantly, I see where all of the newest fashion trends originate here in New York City. I’m going to give you all some tips on how to catch onto the next trend before it sweeps the nation.

1. Navy blue shirts with white dots.
Short sleeve button down, maybe throw some red buttons on there. Damn, thats nice.

2. Short shorts, for men.
I’m wearing them right now. I commuted from home to work today and heads were turning. Did they approve? Probably. It’s difficult to dive into a trend such as this before it catches on. People will question your sanity, but to those people I say, “Fuck you, check out my mobility in these shorts,” followed by me running away.

3. Tevas
These sandals are coming for you Air Jordan.

4. Rags
Go by some rags at Urban Outfitters for $75 and you will look damn good.

5. Capris, for men.
I wore them yesterday, I felt all of the eyes on my exposed calves as I walked through the street. If I could hear people’s thoughts I am assuming they’d be saying something like, “Damn, that guy knows a thing or to about fashion hopefully he writes an article about it.”

6. Shorts with lil crabs on them.
“Who’s laughing now!?” – CEO of Crab Shorts

7. White
All white clothing, white everything.

You heard it from me first. These six trends are about to blow up and become very cool for three weeks. That’s right, three full weeks. Then they will become extremely lame. The fashion world is ever changing and is difficult to stay on top of. Do not fret, I am here for you. Wherever you may be going on your next adventure, make sure you travel in style.