Rock Out With Rocki

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You’re convinced that your taste in music is unparalleled. The antique stereo system, sitting at the back of the room, is coughing out dust as the music drones on at your grandma’s 80th birthday party. You contemplate connecting your phone to the system instead, but that would mean you’d have to actually sacrifice your phone, quit the game of Candy Crush that you’re already invested in and actually socialize.

Rocki – Free Your Music

You shudder at the very thought.

Luckily, thanks to the creators of ROCKI, an awesome new music-streaming device, you can now play your music anywhere and on every speaker – without having to put down your phone. The gadget, which was originally launched as a Kickstarter project, has become vastly popular. The initial Kickstarter goal of raising $50,000 was easily reached – the overall project ultimately coming away with well over $200,000 in donations.

ROCKI, which can fit into the palm of your hand, can plug into any standard speaker through an auxiliary or RCA cable. Then, it will connect to any device that houses your music, such as your smartphone, tablet or laptop, using Wi-Fi. This will allow you to send your music over a network and straight to your speaker system, ultimately turning it into a new wireless device. The ROCKI app will also let you use your phone as a remote control.

But that’s not all. ROCKI includes many other features. For example, you can have more than one phone controlling the music, so your friends can actually create a music queue together with you by connecting to ROCKI and adding their music to your playlists. If you also don’t have the money to purchase a new in-car audio system for when you go on your summer road trip adventure, your ROCKI can work for you as a wireless audio connection to stream music from your smartphone.

Currently, the ROCKI comes in seven bright, trend colors (green, purple, pink, orange, black, red and yellow) and costs a measly $49.00. At that price, why not buy one for each room in the house? After all, everyone can benefit from your music – including your grandma.