How to Bring your Furniture to Life

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Aquaponics. Do not lie; I know you have never heard of this term until now. Aquaponics is a combination of fish farming (aquaculture) with soilless plant growth (hydroponics) and has been shown to increase crop yields while using 90% less water. It is a practice that has been around for centuries, first used by the Aztec empire by creating floating “island gardens” called chinampas. To the avid gardener, this sound promising towards their plant growth. Gardeners face numerous setbacks when they leave their plants outside in Mother Nature’s hands. Burrowing animals, strong weather and insect infestations are just a handful of variables that can derail a gardens progress. Today I bring you all a solution by introducing the newest trend brought to you by Green Towers, Living Furniture.

Living Furniture

Living Furniture was created by Penn State grads Dustin Betz and Jared Yarnall-Schane. Living Furniture combines aquaponics with furniture, creating a method of plant growth that is successful, aesthetically pleasing, and can be managed in the comfort of ones own home. With Living Furniture, you can add fresh cilantro to your Mexican cuisine, crisp arugula to your salad and sprinkle some mint leaves into your mojito when 5pm strikes. All of the ingredients are organic, garden-fresh, and homegrown. Some feel that maintaining an aquarium is tedious, gross, and downright smelly. However, do not fret, all you have to do is plant your seeds, feed the fish and Living Furniture cleans and waters itself.

The Living Table can support the lives of up to six freshwater ornamental fish. The fish and yourself make a fine team. You scratch their back and the fish shall scratch yours by supporting your plant growth on their daily adventure amongst the aquarium. What to grow? Try herbs, sprouts, leafy-greens, or household plants, all of which are recommended by the Green Towers team.

Here are 8 of their favorites:

  • Mint (Mentha)
  • Basil (O. basilicum)
  • Cilantro (C. sativum)
  • Sage (S. officinalis)
  • Arugula (E. sativa)
  • Spinach (S. oleracea)
  • Leaf Lettuces
  • Alfalfa, Bean & Radish Sprouts

Think about it, your very own cilantro plant. Cilantro is the most underrated ingredient and adds that last missing flavor you have been seeking to perfect your taco Tuesday. Kill two birds with one stone by decorating your house in unique fashion and feeding your family the freshest ingredients with Living Furniture.

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