How To Tell If You’re Obsessed With Your Pet

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You’ve recently adopted a cat at the local animal shelter. It was love at first site. Ever since then, you take her around on your daily adventures and gush about how adorable she is to everyone and anyone that will listen.

Your friends have begun to notice. They call you a cat lady, but you beg to differ. Here are some tips to help you it figure out for sure:

1. Your phone is filled with pictures of your pet

If the ratio of pet pictures vs. people pictures on your phone is at least 5:1, you might be a little obsessed with your pet. You probably have several pictures of him or her sleeping in various positions and videos as well, because pictures sometimes don’t do your pet justice. Weekly rotations of your latest photos also frequent your phone’s lock screen and home screen.

2. You sparingly upload pictures of your pet on social media for the fear of being judged

You post a picture or status (or a picture, along with a status) about your pet at least once every couple of weeks about something cute they did. When choosing which picture to use, it’s also excruciating difficult for you to narrow down the options. To solve the issue, you decide on one now and resolve to save the others for future posts. 

3. Your pet has your last name and you are easily offended when people refer to Ms. Mittens as “it.”

Your pet is a vital part of the family and so naturally, he or she must have your last name. Filling out official paperwork at vet’s office with your pet’s first name and your last name is a normal event.

4. Your friends constantly send you photos or post on your Facebook wall about cats

Your friends think it’s hilarious how much you love your pet, so anything that reminds them of this will be posted on your wall. This includes various pictures, weird YouTube videos and hundreds of gifs. If you have creative friends, they might even make memes out of you.

5. You celebrate your pet’s birthday every year

The day you adopted your pet is still the best day of your life. To commemorate the occasion, you buy your pet birthday gifts every year – may be a new chew toy or a fancy type of canned food with lamb and gravy. You even celebrate properly by wrapping the gift (which you will later unwrap for your pet) and preparing an animal food cake, complete with a set of candles. Yum.

6. You’ve taken your pet to the vet more than you’ve taken yourself to the doctor

You see your pet as a child, so his or her wellbeing becomes a priority over yours. Yearly or even monthly check-ups are a must. You don’t care about the ridiculous prices at the vet’s office – you just want the doctor to fix your pet.

7. You clicked on this post

If you find yourself disagreeing with any of the above, the fact that you’ve clicked on this post might still indicate that you are obsessed with your pet. Maybe it’s time to pick up a new hobby.