Dan Marbaix Seeks Adventure

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Have you ever stood on the outside of a fence looking in? An old “No Trespassing” sign hangs letting you know that what ever lurks past the fences border is forbidden. There are two types of people in this world, those who turn their back to the fence and walk away, and those who do not fear breaking a few rules in order to explore and discover. Sometimes the mystery behind the fence is so overpowering that you cannot turn away, one man that is all too familiar with this feeling is urban exploring celebrity Dan Marbaix.

One Day in the Alps in One Minute

Dan Marbaix is a photographer; on a normal day he takes portrait photos and can also be booked for weddings. However, he is best known for his photos of abandoned buildings around the world. Marbaix is the guy that seeks adventure on the other side of the fence without worry of the consequences. In fact, in doing so he has been arrested over 20 times. There is something ominous yet beautiful about an abandoned building. The untold stories of adventure and the history behind each building leave us full of questions and wonder. Some of the buildings are left untouched; the decorations have collected plenty of dust but remain in tact, this only adds to the mystique. Others have been destroyed and vandalized on the inside. There’s something unsettling about his photos inside an abandoned asylum, or the old Chambre du Commerce in Antwep, Belgium.

Photography is an extremely difficult profession to break in to. Everyone seeks a their own personal niche that hasn’t been done before in order to separate themselves from the pack. Dan Marbaix does an incredible job of this. The fear of getting caught doesn’t stop his will to pursue the forbidden zones that he comes across on any given adventure. He will continue to travel to various locations and sacrifice for his art. Whether it’s a haunting asylum or a simple home that was left long ago, the result is a photograph that captures more than just an image, it features a story of what happened in the past.

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